This Is What Happens When You Send Her Mixed Signals

Girl confused about mixed signals
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When you send mixed signals, she has no idea whether she should put all of her effort into you or if she should leave you behind. She has no clue where she stands. She is unsure if it would be a waste of her time to keep pursuing you because nothing is ever going to come of it — or if it would be a mistake to walk away because it’s only a matter of time until you’re official.

When you send mixed signals, you put her through a rollercoaster of emotions. She is either excited about how flirtatious your conversation went that day — or she is upset about how short your conversation was that day. It’s always one extreme or the other. There is never a happy medium. She is either crazy about you or crazy annoyed with you.

When you send mixed signals, you slowly drive her insane. She stays up later than she should, replaying every interaction she had with you to see if she missed something. To see if you dropped any clues about how you truly feel about her. She reads into every move you make, because she’s hoping it will lead her to the truth.

When you send mixed signals, she changes her mind about you every five seconds. When you go too long without texting her, she tells herself that she is done with you. That she deserves better. That she’s not going to take this anymore. And as soon as you text her back, she changes her mind and thinks about how adorable you are. How sweet you sound. How much she wants to be with you.

When you send mixed signals, she is forced to waste precious time doing things she does not want to do. Instead of reading your text and typing back the first thing that pops into her head, she has to analyze what your words could have meant and write back something appropriate. And instead of being flattered you liked her Instagram photo, she has to try to figure out whether you were attempting to spark a conversation or whether you pressed the button absentmindedly. She has to play detective constantly.

When you send mixed signals, she has to decide which side of the story to tell her friends about over dinner. She can either tell them about how you take forever to answer texts, about how you keep leaving her waiting, and they will say that she should move on. Or she could tell them about how you talked to her on the phone for two hours straight last week and how you called her drop dead gorgeous, and they will tell her that you two should definitely date.

When you send mixed signals, something important is being left unsaid. Instead of sitting down and admitting how you feel like two mature adults, you’re dancing around the truth. You’re playing pretend. You’re avoiding serious conversations.

Instead of sending mixed signals, you need to be more open with each other. You need to be more honest with each other. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck trying to read minds for the rest of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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