This Is What Being An Aries Means Because It’s More Than Being Adventurous

An Aries
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Aries are adventurous. Spontaneous. Thrill seekers with soft hearts covered by shields.

We get bored easily — we feel restless after only a few days of repeating the same routine — which is why we venture outside of our comfort zones as often as possible. We hike trails and climb mountains. We get tattoos and body piercings. We go jet skiing and skydiving and scuba diving. We keep ourselves occupied. We are always go-go-going until we run out of breath.

Of course, we are able to slow down when the timing is right. We are able to appreciate the beauty of nature. We would rather spend time outdoors than be shut inside a stuffy room — but that doesn’t mean we are too good for lazy nights on the couch or swiping through our phones.

In fact, we love taking pictures and posting them on Instagram. We always try to capture the moment on snapchat or with an old polaroid so that we can keep the memories forever. So we can share them with our friends to make them feel included in the adventure.

And once you get to know us, we make great friends, because we are spontaneous, nonjudgmental, and open to anything. We will go to a concert with you, even if we have never heard of the bands that are playing. We will take shots with you, even if it isn’t our favorite brand of alcohol. We will go anywhere and do anything, as long as we have our trusted friends beside us.

However, if you don’t know us yet, if you are still a stranger, you might think that we are cold, unfeeling people. You might make the (not completely wrong) assumption that we are total assholes.

After all, we tease the people we care about the most. We call them names. We make fun of them. But that is our way of telling them that we love them. We are uncomfortable with coming right out and saying I love you, so we show them with sarcasm and ironic humor.

We can also come across as heartless, because we like to appear stronger than we actually are. We like to create the illusion that we are indestructible, that we are unbreakable.

But, in truth, we are vulnerable. If someone hurts us, we will never forget the pain that they have caused. We will act like we are over it, like we don’t give a fuck, but we’re lying to everyone — including ourselves.

One of the reasons why we like to keep busy at all hours is so we have less time to think. Less time to stress. Less time to worry about whether we are heading in the right direction in life or have fallen off course.

Even though we act confident, we have insecurities that have followed us since childhood. Flaws that we might joke around about in front of others — but that haunt us when we are alone.

Even though Aries look like they are lighthearted, free spirits with a thirst for adventure, we are so much more than that. We are more complicated than you can ever imagine. And once you get to know us, you’ll see that we are worth every second of your time, every beat of your heart. TC mark

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