Date A Girl Who Tells The Truth Instead Of Playing Games

A girl who tells the truth
Unsplash / Nazar Strutynsky

Date a girl who speaks her mind. Who doesn’t censor herself before opening her mouth in order to appear cool. Who calls you out on your bullshit whenever you cross the line. Who says exactly how she feels in the moment, because she doesn’t care how it makes her come across. She only cares about speaking the truth. 

Date a girl who texts you back two seconds after reading your message. Who likes every single one of your Instagram photos. Who compliments you whenever she thinks you look hot. Who flirts with you and doesn’t care who sees. Who never holds back from saying what she wants, because she doesn’t give a shit about what you might think of her.

Date a girl who bluntly tells you what’s been bothering her instead of lying about how she’s completely fine. Who admits when she is upset with something you said or pissed about something you did. Who never bottles up her feelings because she would rather tell you what is on her mind than waste time by making you guess.

Date a girl who admits when she fucks up instead of blaming everyone around her. Who doesn’t try to hide the fact that she is imperfect. Who explains why she canceled plans with you or took so long to text back instead of piling on excuses or acting like nothing even happened. Who takes responsibility for her actions because she is a mature adult.

Date a girl who refuses to keep secrets. Who answers all of your questions instead of dodging them. Who talks to you about any topic you bring up instead of changing the conversation to something more comfortable. Who feels safe telling you anything and everything about her life, whether it is the happy parts or the dark parts.

Date a girl who looks you in the eyes and lets you know how much she likes you instead of hinting at it over months. Who asks you out on a date instead of waiting for you to make the first move. Who makes her intentions clear from the start instead of sending mixed signals. Who thinks it’s better to be honest and risk rejection than to pretend that she doesn’t have any feelings for you whatsoever.

Date a girl who never takes drastic measures to impress you because she thinks her real self is more than good enough. Who never lies about liking the same songs or shows as you in order to trick you into thinking you have something in common. Who never pretends to be someone she is not because she is perfectly happy with the person that she already is.

Date a girl who doesn’t have the time or the patience for dating games. Who doesn’t see the point in lying and pretending and playing hard to get. Who doesn’t believe in acting like she couldn’t care less about someone she considers important. Who always tells the truth, because she knows the other person deserves it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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