This Is What Unconditional Love Actually Means Because It’s More Than Having Strong Feelings For Someone

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Unconditional love doesn’t mean that you are allowed to cheat, that you are allowed to tell lies, that you are allowed to treat your person like total crap and that they will still love you back. It doesn’t mean that you have free reign to do whatever the hell you want because there are no consequences and your person will always stick by your side.

Unconditional love means that your person will be there for you throughout the good times and the rough times. Even if you lose your job. Even if you lose your hair. Even if you lose your hope and have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. They will still be there for you. They will act as your rock, as your safe place.

Unconditional love means your person is never going to judge you for the music you play in the car of the clothes you buy at the store. It means they are never going to like you any less because you have put on a few pounds or because you have gained a few pimples. It means that they will always find you beautiful. Always. Even when you feel your most unattractive.

Unconditional love means that your person wants to be with you — that they like who you are and have no desire to change you — even though you have flaws. Even though you sometimes leave the air conditioning on too high and forget to lock the doors and snore in your sleep. They are willing to live with all of that — because they want to live with you. Because those little things don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Unconditional love means your person understands you are imperfect, that you are going to make silly little mistakes throughout the relationship. It means that they might be mad when you neglect to load the dishes or forget their anniversary, but that they will agree to move past it as long as you agree to try harder next time. As long as you put in as much effort as they are putting in.

Unconditional love means that they are going to stay attracted to you, stay intrigued by you, stay committed to you — even when you’re wrinkled and gray. Even when twenty years have past and the sparks should have faded already. Even when they are so used to having you around that they could easily take you for granted.

Unconditional love means that your person loves you for who you are inside. Not for the money in your wallet. Not for the skin around your bones. Not for the house or car or career you’ve established for yourself.

Unconditional love means that you could strip all of those superficial things away, and they would still love you just as strongly as before.

It means that your person would do absolutely anything for you. That they would kill for you, die for you, live for you. That they would do whatever it takes to make you happy, because you are the biggest reason for their happiness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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