This Is What Happens When You Cheat On The Girl Who Trusted You

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She isn’t the kind of person to grab your phone when you go to the bathroom — but that doesn’t mean you should feel free to flirt with other girls because you know she’s never going to see those messages.

She isn’t going to stop you from hanging out with female friends — but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to get physically close with them and tell them how hot they look because she isn’t around to hear it.

She isn’t going to bombard you with questions every time you walk through the door — but that doesn’t mean you should come home late without telling her where you were or who you were hanging out with.

Don’t take advantage of the fact that she trusts you. Don’t use her kindness as an excuse to do whatever the hell you want. Don’t test her to see if she lets you get away with murder.

Because, if you cheat on a girl who trusted you, you’re going to chase her away. You’re going to give her a reason to doubt everything that you say when she used to assume you were always telling the truth. You’re going to completely change the way that she sees you.

Even though she let you run wild back when she trusted you, don’t think that means she’s a pushover. Don’t think that means she’ll stay with you through it all. As soon as she finds out what you’ve done, she’s never going to talk to you again. Her standards are too high for lowlives who can’t stay loyal.

When you cheat on the girl who trusted you, you turn her into a brand new person. A person who sees the worst in others instead of expecting the best.

When you cheat on the girl who trusted you, you make her wonder if she did something wrong. If she should have been more less cool and more controlling. If she should have given you less freedom and put you on a tighter chain.

When you cheat on the girl who trusted you, you give her paranoia. You change her into the kind of person she never wanted to be. The kind of person who needs to know where her boyfriend is at every second and flips out whenever he stares at another girl.

When you cheated, you ruined more than this relationship. You tainted her future relationships, too.

In the future, she’s going to have a hard time letting her boyfriend text while tilting his phone away. She’s going to have the urge to look over his shoulder. She’s going to have the urge to spy, so she never looks like a fool again. So she never gets cheated on again.

Because getting cheated on hurts too deep to describe. There’s nothing more painful than finding out the person who mattered the most to you was willing to throw it all away for sex.

When you cheat on the girl who trusted you, you shatter her heart. You destroy her hopes.

When you cheat on the girl who trusted you, you lose her. Even worse, she loses herself, because she’s never going to be the same person again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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