The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Capricorn

Capricorn girl
Unsplash / Alex Iby

When you first meet a Capricorn, you will think that they have no sense of humor, that they stay dead serious all the time. You will assume that, since they are so intelligent, they don’t like to let loose and have fun.

But once you get to know them, once you crack through their walls, you will see that they are kids at heart. They are some of the most entertaining people you will ever meet. They will always keep you laughing with their sarcasm and dry sense of humor.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you will be pushed to your limits — in the best way possible. You will be encouraged to follow your dreams and will be corrected when you doubt yourself. You will have a parter who does whatever it takes to make you see your potential and act on it.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you will never feel neglected. You will never have to question where they stand with you, whether their feelings for you are still as strong as they used to be. Your Capricorn will drown you with affection. They will squeeze your hand during movies and kiss you in the rain. They will give you daily reminders of their love.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you will learn something new on a regular basis. They will teach you about subjects you never thought you were interested in and expose you to parts of the universe you never knew existed. They will motivate you to become the best version of yourself, one filled with unlimited knowledge.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you will get as much as you give. They will help you with the brunt of the housework. They will put in effort to plan dates and exchange gifts and keep the romance alive. You will feel like you’ve finally met your equal.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you won’t feel the need to fill every moment with excitement. You will enjoy mornings spent grocery shopping and nights on the couch with a popcorn bowl on your lap. You won’t need to speak every second in order to have fun. With them, the silence will be comfortable, satisfying.

When you’re with a Capricorn, even the worst moments of your relationship won’t feel all that rough. This sign will control their temper. They will handle fights fairly. They will make compromises with you. They will treat you with respect, no matter how pissed off they are. They will always behave maturely, like a real adult.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you will feel like the luckiest person in the world, because they don’t open up to just anyone. They save their secrets for someone they can trust. They only get into relationships when they are serious about the other person.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you’ll feel flattered that they have chosen you. That they have decided you were worth their time and effort when they’ve turned down so many other people in the past.

When you’re with a Capricorn, you will feel like you’re in the right place. Like you’ve picked the right person. Like you’re exactly where you are meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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