11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Capricorn


1. Capricorns are traditional people and they don’t suffer fools lightly. If you’re a zany artist who lives at home and believes you’re bringing about world peace through their crystal collection… you’re probably never going to gain their respect. Show them real accomplishment, a mature personality and emotional intelligence — those are the things that impress a Capricorn.

2. Also, money. Career success is super important to them, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

3. Never embarrass a Capricorn. They take their reputation seriously and they aren’t into being silly in front of people they don’t know. Don’t take them on a karaoke date or play a prank on them in front of people. Show you love them by helping them always make their best impression, especially around people they don’t know well.

4. As you get to know your Capricorn, be prepared to be impressed by their social circle. Capricorns have excellent taste in people and only hang around with the best people.

5. Capricorns tend to be serious people, and this works in your favor because they will take your relationship very seriously. When they have issues they’ll address them with you. When they want something, they’ll ask. Your relationship will be healthy because it will be a priority to make it so.

6. The way to attract a Capricorn is to be adept. Capricorns are intelligent and value intelligence. Don’t play dumb — show off your interests and how much you know about a topic that is new to them.

7. Something to keep in mind: Capricorns have the highest standards in the Zodiac.

8. While they have prodigious exteriors, Capricorns are capable of truly loving their partners. If you’re in their inner circle they will protect you fiercely and loyally and be totally committed to you.

9. An ideal date for a Capricorn is traditional: a nice restaurant (check the reviews first) and a show. Something that feels adult and indulgent.

10. In bed, Capricorns can be prudish. They like tried and true methods, so stick with what you know works.

11. Secretly, Capricorns aren’t as confident as they seem. They love a partner who reassures and supports them, guards their secrets, and is and equal partner to the outward facing world. TC mark


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