If You Can’t Stop Yourself From Doing These 10 Things, Congratulations, You’re In Love

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1. You can’t stop thinking about him. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in traffic, if you’re trying to fall asleep, or if you’re supposed to be listening to your boss during a meeting. Your thoughts keep trailing off towards other things. Towards that kiss you two shared. Towards the text he sent you earlier in the morning. Towards that vacation you’re planning to take together. He’s always in the back (or the very front) of your mind.

2. You can’t stop talking about him. His name comes out of your mouth every five seconds. You’re sure your friends are tired of hearing about him by now, but you can’t help it. Every story involves him, because you’re with him all the time. He’s always by your side — and when he’s not, you like to pretend he is by reminiscing about the things you did together. Besides, you’ve been looking for love for so long that you deserve to brag a little!

3. You can’t stop checking your messages. Whenever you hear a notification noise, your heart flutters and you reach for your phone to see if he texted you back yet. And if it turns out that it was actually your friend who texted you, you’re unreasonably annoyed with them for getting your hopes up. For making you think it would be his name on the screen.

4. You can’t stop touching him. It doesn’t have to be sexual — but you always have to feel your bodies connecting. You’re either holding his hand or leaning your head on his shoulder or pressing your lips against his. You were never a fan of PDA in the past, but now you don’t care who sees you two snogging. Their opinions don’t matter.

5. You can’t stop daydreaming about your relationship. Maybe you’re imagining the wedding you’ll have one day down the line. Or maybe you’re imagining what you’ll do together later in the evening when you hang out again. Either way, you’re always looking forward to something. You’re always excited about what the future has in store for you.

6. You can’t stop smiling. You’ve been walking around the office, humming. You’ve been singing sappy songs. You’ve been smiling at strangers. Even when someone pisses you off, you’re still happy because you know you have someone to go home and vent to. You know you have someone who will always be there to listen.

7. You can’t stop asking him questions. You want to know everything about him, from his favorite childhood memory to his worst high school memory — and you want to tell him everything. You want to share all there is to share. You want to see each other’s hearts and souls.

8. You can’t stop using social media. You don’t want to be one of those people, but you do want everyone to see that cute selfie you two took together at the beach and give them a tour of the apartment you decorated together. He’s a big part of your life and you want to share that life online. No one can blame you for that.

9. You can’t stop having sex. Everything he does turns you on. When he rolls up his sleeves to wash the dishes. When he hugs you from behind and kisses your shoulders. When he gives you a certain look from across the room. Lately, you’re always in the mood.

10. You can’t stop saying I love youYou used to be afraid of these three little words, but now that you’ve said them once, you never want to stop saying them. You tell him you love him before he goes to bed and before he leaves for work. And you text him you love him every chance you get. You can never express it enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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