16 Signs He Wants To Kiss You

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1. He sits as close to you as possible.

Instead of choosing the chair in the corner of the room, he sits right next to you. So close that your arms and legs keep brushing — and he doesn’t pull away. Because he wants your lips to be touching, too.

2. He lingers.

If he hugs you and hesitates before pulling away, or takes you out on a date and lingers by the doorway before he leaves, it means he’s trying to decide whether or not you want that kiss too.

3. He touches you every chance he gets.

And not just friendly touches, like high-fives and handshakes. He keeps tickling you. Accidentally hitting into you. Touching your arms. Brushing your hair back. He uses any excuses he can find to touch you.

4. He openly flirts with you.

He compliments your hair. Tells you how nice your perfume smells. Teases you about the hat on your head or the shoes on your feet. He plays around with you.

5. He mirrors your movements.

When you lick your lips, he licks his lips. When you cross your legs, he crosses his legs. He unconsciously mimics every move you make, because he’s drawn to you.

6. He makes extra long eye contact. 

You should be able to tell what he wants from the look in his eyes. From how long he’s staring at you and how soft his features seem. When a guy gives you that look, you’ll be able to tell.

7. He puts on romantic music. 

If he’s in charge of the radio in a room with only the two of you, and he puts on a seductively slow song, then he’s trying to set the mood. He’s trying to be romantic.

8. There’s strong sexual tension between you.

Are the pauses in conversation awkward? Or do they give you a chance to silently stare at each other and smile? If there’s sexual tension, you’ll be able to feel it in the air.

9. He makes another move.

He’s not going to hold your hand or fake a yawn to sneak his arm around you, unless he likes you. And if he likes you, he wants that kiss as badly as you do.

10. He seems nervous. 

If he normally acts confident around you, and all of a sudden he’s fidgeting, it’s probably because there’s something on his mind. Something he wants to do to you.

11. He doesn’t move away. 

If you slide closer to him, he doesn’t back off to create more personal space. And if you lock eyes, he doesn’t break eye contact. He wants the moment to feel intimate.

12. In fact, he keeps getting closer. 

If there used to be a few inches between you, but that gap keeps becoming smaller and smaller because of him, it’s because he wants to get close enough to kiss you.

13. He applies chapstick.

He’s getting his lips ready for yours. Or he’s just trying to draw attention to his lips in the same way you’d do with lipstick, because he wants you to think about what it would be like to kiss him.

14. He glances down at your lips.

If you’re in the middle of talking, and he keeps looking between your eyes and your lips, you either have your lipstick smudged or he’s thinking exactly what you think he is.

15. There’s a bulge in his jeans.

He finds you sexy. As simple as that.

16. He literally tells you.

If he straight up tells you that your lips look delicious or that he wonders if you’re a good kisser, it’s because he wants to find out for himself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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