15 Guys On The One Irresistible Thing Women Do That Make Them Stand Out From The Rest

Carmen Jost
Carmen Jost

When they care for others in front of you. Have you ever seen the person you love hold a baby or pet a puppy and you fall ten times more in love? The best girls are the kind who you can see taking care of others they way they would want to be taken care of. – Shane, 29

When they don’t dress fashionably. Hear me out. Every single person nowadays is into some style. It’s a lot of trying-hard. When you come across someone who dresses plainly but is certifiably awesome, funny, whatever… just real, and they don’t really care that much about their clothes? It makes them way more interesting than fashionable clothes could ever make someone. – Jeffrey, 24

When they don’t care what anyone thinks. They’ll grab your ass in line at the movies or make a weird face at you from behind the glass window of the pizza place. They aren’t worried about looking stupid in front of other people, and they most definitely are not constantly asking you whether or not something is weird. – Abel, 32

When they have really strong opinions.I love a woman who is intelligent and cares deeply about the things she’s passionate about. I like to see her revved up about something. The only problem is that sometimes she bests me in an argument and I have to lick my wounds the rest of the night. – Noah, 22

When they get dressed for you (sometimes). A woman with her own sense of style is a beautiful thing, but sometimes we want you to walk out of your closet, no shoes on, expensive dress unzipped, and say, “do you like this one?” 99% of the time, we’ll say yes, but you’re so cute when you ask to be zipped up. – Michael, 27

When they have a specific perfume they wear all the time. Truly awesome women have a signature scent that’s all their own. It’s a combination of their shampoo, body wash, perfume, lotion, all of it. It’s never so strong that you could catch it in passing, but you can pick it up when they walk into a room. – Terrance, 24

They socialize in social situations. We don’t bring you out with our friends so that you can talk to us and only us for the entire evening. A superior girl will talk to other people, circle back, kiss you, and go right back out and hold her own. It’s nice to have something to talk about at the end of the night. – Robert, 26

When they don’t hate your friends. Even if my friends can be assholes, she doesn’t care, because she knows her friends can be too. She doesn’t complain, as if I’d ditch my friends for her entirely. She wants us both to have our own friends and lives that she share with each other. We put up with them for each other, and she makes her best effort to hang and enjoy their company. – Parker, 21

When they let you pick the music. Some girls are control freaks about music. It’s the worst. Let us pick from time to time. Superior women want to share tastes and hear the things you love to listen to. – Steve, 28

When they eat. Eat the wings. The pizza. The sandwich. Whatever. Don’t ‘feel bad’ for ordering something ‘gross.’ Real women eat, and they eat what they want, when they want. – Mason, 21

When they are friends with your family.If we’re doing this thing for the long haul, she has to be able to hang with my family. It’s not easy to do, we’re a close-knit family, but the one woman that can hang with them? She’s the one for me. – Jeremy, 29

When they can make fun of you without being mean. It’s one thing to call me an asshole or a loser and try to make it playful. It’s another to land a witty jab whenever you have the chance; I love that you can tease me in a smart way. – Toby, 23

When they don’t fall into stereotypes. I really look for a woman who doesn’t just do certain things because she’s a woman. I am so attracted to independent women who like what they like regardless of anyone else or what anyone else thinks. It’s so hot! – Oliver, 26

When they decorate their rooms with personal touches. The pictures hung with paper clips behind her bed or the earring rack that shaped like a peacock on her desk. Girls move into apartments and make them homes. – Kwesi, 23

When she puts you on her team. I like it when you start dating and she immediately makes it clear that if she’s interested, I’m on her team, and she’s on mine. We’re a unit, we make decisions together, and if, for example, I feel bad about something, she’ll help me try and feel better about it. – Isaac, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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