29 Straight Males Describe The Most Feminine Thing About Themselves

Today, someone asked the straight males of Reddit what their most “feminine” quality is. We collected the best responses.

1. irhymeslow

According to many women I’ve met throughout my life I have beautiful long eye lashes that they want. I was never sure if I should be embarrassed by that.

2. tommythek

At times, if I’m feeling really stressed out i’ll buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and watch an episode of grey’s anatomy.

3. clutchhomerun

I really love girly drinks, they just taste so good.

but my manhood gets questioned every time I order them.

4. Blacky31

I moisturize pathogically.

I am obsessively neat.

I am constantly pointing out hot guys to my female friends, or commenting on attractive actors.

I love cooking and the farmers market.

I need to rethink my life.

5. BrokenBraviaInOregon

Long eyelashes. Rosebud lips. Dimples. Bubble butt. Can’t grow facial hair. I was originally intended to be a woman and at the last second my genes went “whoop!” penis!

6. tinomartinez

I love me some scented candles. Maybe it’s just me, but I could spend an hour in Yankee Candle just smelling everything while my girlfriend stands there annoyed.

7. Fine_Cats_and_Cigars

I skip flamboyantly on my way to work. Imagine a 6 ft 2 man wearing a suit skipping down a street. I will always do it though since it makes me happy and makes everyone else around me happy who passes by.

8. TehBearSheriff

I put my hands on my hips a lot

9. Flo_ren_tine

I took a bath with bubbles and candles last night because I wasn’t feeling well. The gf promptly made fun of me for the rest of the evening.

10. DaddysWetPeen

I sit down to pee because its comfortable. Especially, in the middle of the night.

11. MrMojoRisinx

I really enjoy chick flicks, bitch. I said bitch to reinforce my manhood.

12. TJtheV

I fucking love candles.

I hug my male friends. Not like a “bro hug” but real heartfelt hugs.

I have a lot of man crushes.

I have girly wrists. (This is the only one I don’t like)

13. sleep_reddit_repeat

I can start crying pretty easily. From watching a movie or seeing my bride walk down the aisle last Saturday. She looked so freaking beautiful.

14. Ihavenocomments

I love Project Runway. I wish Tim Gunn was an NFL commentator.

15. sa3r3t

I’m 23.

  • I have a cat named Sophie. She’s fucking adorable, and tiny. She’s slightly larger than most kittens, and no I didnt pay thousands to get one of those tiny cats that were bred to be tiny.
  • I am a hopeless romantic, I don’t like flings/casual sex, but I’ll admit to it having happened. I’ve cried about it before.
  • I use lotions n skincare stuff. (Shout out to /r/wicked_edge)
  • I say women are pretty. A lot. I will admit to an occasional “DAT ASS!!!!!”
  • I get shy and stammer a bit around girls I like.
  • I have multiple gay guy friends. They know very well that I’m straight, and my closest friend set me up with a female friend of his, but she got back with her ex shortly after.
  • I think I have nice legs.
  • Cuddling’s neat.

16. HKSeaN

I love to dress up. There, I said it. I care about what I wear, I need to look good. I love shopping, its fun as shit and I take my fiancee all the time. I am not afraid to judge how another guy looks.

17. ryder77

I like to latch on like a koala and cuddle with my face buried in my girlfriend’s neck.

18. psolms

heres something different:

when im telling friends about my problems, im not actually looking for solutions. i just want them to listen and sympathize.

19. Vaciant

I consistently shave my legs.

20. Roohe

I definitely have body image issues. One offhanded, mostly joking comment about a shirt making me look fat and I’ll be stressing about it for the rest of the day.

In typing this, I feel maybe it’s a little sexist that I view body image issues as a feminine trait? But whatever, there it is.

21. SigismundBT

I love flowers. Not roses and tulips and stuff, but the wild ones and trees. Oh god, I love them so much.

22. The_Wise_Adventurer

I am straight but when people think they are more comfortable with their sexuality or try and say im not comfortable they often challenge me to a game of “gay chicken” basically they come at me as if they are going to kiss me and whoever doesnt back down wins.

I have yet to lose and have ended up being kissed by quite a few men, and boy i hate a stubbley kiss.

23. Kinsbane

Panties. All day, every day.

Also, I keep my long hair silky and shiny and soft as FUCK and it gets mad compliments from the ladies.

24. bintypants

I have quite a rough Scottish accent, unless I answer a phone. For the life of me I can’t stop myself from talking like I just came away from an elocution lesson given by a Victorian lady.

25. lasarus29

I have amazingly soft skin through no fault of my own. I’ve lifted weights, shot rifles and faught bears but it wont harden the fuck up.

26. seven2eight2

I love musicals. I sing songs from Grease and Wicked and West Side Story when I’m alone. My exgf thought she was dragging me to go see plays and stuff all the time, but secretly I think I liked it more than she did.


My favorite is making desserts. I had a brainstorm this weekend about putting candy bars inside of a cookie. It turned out better than I thought it would. Make chocolate chip cookies like you normally would but put candy bar chunks in instead of chocolate chips. LINK (It’s a post from another novelty account of mine.)

28. tjsr

‘m terrible with fashion, but secretly like fashion shows; I don’t dance, but have a great appreciation for it. Don’t follow it, watch it or anything, just have an interest. Lastly, I don’t drink. But the one or two times I’ve been convinced, its always been girly drinks.

29. Christianmustang

I love Taylor Swift, “girl tv shows” like pretty little liars, fucking love cuddling, I like shopping a lot, I have a younger sister who I try to bond with so that involves having to learn to paint nails and sew. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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