33 Guys Reveal The One Superficial Thing That Made Them Lose Interest

(1) “She would put herself and other women down constantly. It was like she was the most insecure person and wanted everyone else to be insecure. She was really not worth the trouble.” – Landry, 27

(2) “She routinely spoke at an extremely high volume. Like, so loud I think it would actually make my eardrums hurt. And she had this habit of talking over people by overpowering them with her volume. It annoyed the shit out of me.” – Stephen, 31

(3) “Met her off Tinder. Let’s just say her pictures had very flattering angles and, in person, she did not have the luxury of those angles.” – Brody, 25

(4) “She had this narrative, this weird delusion of herself as a sort of NYC boss-bitch, and she’d try to warp reality so that EVERYTHING that had anything remotely to do with her somehow reinforced her perception of herself. The way it manifested in day-to-day dating was really off-putting. I’d have to sort of play along if I wanted to communicate with her at all. It was really embarrassing.” — Hunter, 27

(5) “Her Instagram was only selfies. It was really off putting.” — Mike, 23

(6) “This is really bad, but she used emoticons way too much. And weird ones. Like she’d randomly use the poop emoticon. It kind of grossed me out.” — Timothy, 22

(7) “She was super threatened by anyone who was successful. Like obsessively threatened by other people’s success, so much that she would behave really badly. Everyone around her saw through it. She was basically the only one NOT in on the joke. I was really ashamed about it because she sort of had ‘fooled’ me in the beginning, and I bought into her story. But once I started meeting her ‘friends,’ I realized that no one really liked her.” — Christian, 28

(8) “We met on Tinder. She said she was “hashtag Team Taylor Swift.’ I could not get out of that place any faster.” – Joe, 26

(9) “She was oblivious to when people were bored with her conversation. She would seriously go on for like 30 minutes before noticing the other person was just nodding and basically had their foot out the door and were trying to get out of the conversation. I felt helpless about it.” — Foster, 34

(10) “She needed to be right. Her answer was always correct. There was no other answer.” – Arik, 28

(11) “She would’ve been a 10 if she ever bothered to work out, and that bothered me. It was constant wasted potential.” — Garrett, 26

(12) “She kept saying how smart she was. Kind of in a braggart way, which, in a sense, was attractive, because it’s hard to find women who put an emphasis on being intelligent. However, the part that really got me was that she was not smart. At all. It was super depressing, to be honest. On our first date, she said without hesitation that Africa is a country. No, it’s really not. It’s an entire continent made up of many countries…” – Trey, 30

(13) “She actually said to me, ‘I hate reading! It’s so boring!’ Gross. Don’t be proud of that.” – Luke, 29

(14) “I’m 99% certain this girl I went on a date with was Tweeting about our date. I don’t talk to her anymore.” – Victor, 25

(15) “She never felt ‘good enough.’ At anything. It’s hard to describe. Everything she’d do, my mind would always compare her to someone else, and it would tell me, ‘That person would have done it better.’ It was a terrible thing to have in my head, but I couldn’t shake it. I never really resolved the issue so we broke up.” — Sam, 28

(16) “She didn’t even know who our vice president was. You don’t have to be super into politics, but I mean, you almost have to avoid knowing what’s going on in our country. It was just not sexy at all, to be talking to someone who couldn’t keep a conversation going.” – Clancy, 31

(17) “She actually said, ‘I’m sorry, oh my god, I’m being so basic.’ Being basic isn’t a compliment.” – Aaron, 27

(18) “For every one text I sent, she would send two or three. It just felt thirsty.” — Angelo, 21

(19) “She would have these really elaborate parties that NO ONE wanted to go to. Like, I just knew that people absolutely dreaded the next time they’d inevitably get an invite to yet another one of her stupid parties. And when people didn’t respond immediately on FB to her invites, she would literally put out another update tagging people asking why they hadn’t responded to the invite yet. It was terrible.” — Ryan, 27

(20) “She was taller than me.” — Kaleb, 29

(21) “She wouldn’t send me nudes.” — Tyler, 26

(22) “She. Liked. Everything. Every status. Every tweet. Every Instagram. It’s like I was dating a spambot and it made me feel like she was obsessed with me.” — Rory, 26

(23) “She thought she was a writer. Her whole persona was ‘writer’. But her writing — I mean, I’m no novelist myself, but it was fucking terrible. Like the most cliche, boring, love-y dove-y shit I’ve ever read. And every time she’d write a new blog post, she’d put it on her Facebook. And what made it worse was she’d get like 30 likes from all her friends on it, like they weren’t all in on the secret! It drove me insane.” — David, 27

(24) “At first, I was really into her, she was pretty, witty, and all-around fun to be with, but I saw that she had no ass. Like flat as a board. That was it from me.” – Kirk, 24

(25) “She thought her baby voice was cute. It was totally creepy.” – Ian, 24

(26) “I couldn’t get over her laugh. It was like Fran Drescher, but with the force of a million nukes.” – Walter, 21

(27) “She had a chihuahua. I can’t stand dogs smaller than cats.” — David, 24

(28) “I went over to her apartment and it was a mess. A disgusting mess. She thought it was charming. I almost puked.” – Charlie, 28

(29) “She needed to wax her upper lip, like and I could notice when she hadn’t. Leave the facial hair to me.” — Alan, 25

(30) “I found out the number of people she’d slept with…and it was higher than mine.” — Jeremy, 27

(31) “She always wore super high heels which was sexy, but then she couldn’t walk anywhere or do anything fun without needing to sit down because her feet hurt. Being pretty is less fun than actually fun.” — Shane, 26

(32) “Didn’t do any landscaping, if you know what I mean. I’m not trying to bring the 70’s back, girl.” — Wesley, 27

(33) “I appreciate a sense of humor, but she just thought she was funny. You know when someone just tries too hard? It’s like every hang out was an open mic. She wasn’t funny. It felt sad.” — Fred, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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