24 Offended Men Reveal The Times Overweight Women Criticized Their Bodies


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1. “You have a belly.”

I’m a pretty fit guy, I workout 3-4 times a week. But I don’t have a six pack because I eat whatever I want and have bad genetics.

Anyway, we were exchanging pics and when she noticed my subtle beer belly, she was instantly turned off. She even mentioned that I have a belly (WTF). I didn’t even bother pointing out to her that her body wasn’t exactly Sports Illustrated ready, but I was offended nonetheless.

2. “Guys aren’t allowed to be fat.”

There was a girl once who was about 200 lbs overweight and criticized me for being a little chubby. Her response “Guys aren’t allowed to be fat.”

So I can’t pack a little weight and enjoy my lazy life, but it’s okay for you to break the elevator at the mall?

3. “Get rid of your muscle!”

I’ve had fat women yell at me for being muscular. Does that count?

4. “Eat more, you need more food.”

“You should eat more, you’re too skinny.”

She was like round.

5. Not a healthy relationship

I had a girlfriend who was probably a bit overweight for her size. When I told her I had gained a bit of weight and was going to go to the gym, she kept telling me not to do it because it made her feel better about herself.

6. Putting me down for their own sanity

I’m short. The majority of women who have been mean to me about it have either been noticeably overweight or had unappealing faces.

When I was in high school, the only girl to ever make fun of me for being scrawny was an overweight girl.

7. Shawty got game doe

I’m short. 5’1. I get it from basically every girl I talk to and how I’d be so much better looking if I was tall.

8. Physical attraction

I tend to ask hypothetically before meeting a girl from a dating site “what would you say if I was 5’2”?” I never tell them that I am 5’2” (I’m 5’9”), but I ask it. And they automatically assume I am. I will ask this because it will help me determine how shallow they can be about it. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing to ask or not. But my stepbrother is 5’2”, and I see how it’s affected him. He has a world of confidence to him and doesn’t let it get him down now. But for a good while when we were younger, I could see it. So it’s important to me. Because it’s something you have ZERO control over…yet some judge you heavily on it.

9. “They don’t think it be like it is but it do.”

So I was just hanging out at a party, meeting new people at the start of a new college semester, when I start talking with this group of people. We’re having a good time and I’m getting to know the cute girl next to me. Then, this fat girl with a face like punch in the gut walks up to me, pulls the girl away from me and says to all of us:

“No one can be that beautiful and not have a downside. You’re either an asshole, dumb, or both.” I’m not even paraphrasing.

Then she left with her friend.

I wasn’t sure if I was mad or not.

10. Working out makes you look thin?

Last time I recall was this week, when 220lbs+ whale said that I’m bag of bones.

I’m 180 lbs and 6’1, so I’m clearly not very skinny, I just eat healthy and work out.

11. Lil’ cutey

Yeah. I’ve had a 4’10” girl say I was too short for her. I think I actually laughed when she said it.

12. “Don’t wear flannel!”

I’ve had fat women call me small. Yes I’m 5’10” 145-150 pounds and I run a lot. Is it a bad thing I can fit in my car? Actually big plus of having a small and low car with high sills, fat women wouldn’t even try to get in.

Also had a hipster chick give me shit for flannel. That’s pretty much their flag.

13. Wait…what?

That kind of thing happens a lot.

A friend of mine showed me some private messages from her OkCupid account. She put in her profile that she was a vegan and cared about animal rights. The guy, out of the blue, contacted her criticizing her for it and said that if she would change her diet he would go out with her.

The dude was something like 6 ft tall, about 300 lbs. Interestingly, in his questions and in his profile he went out of is way to say that he wasn’t interested in dating overweight women!

Lots of luck.

14. Damn gender roles!

Gender roles are hilariously sexist. Women constantly complain about the stress they feel over the need to be perfect because of Hollywood and advertising. I’m far from perfect and I feel just as much or even more stress to get into shape as women feel, especially when you consider that it is much easier for an ugly or an obese woman to hook up with an attractive male than it is for the reverse.

I wouldn’t waste any amount of time thinking about it and just move on with your life because people like that can not be rational people or capable of seeing things from different perspectives because they are the “victim”.

15. Haters gonna hate

Sort of body related; I’ve heard a girl basically tell me “tattoos are gross” after seeing mine.
This wasn’t so much directed at me as it was towards all tattoos, but it still felt intentionally offensive.
Back when I was skinny, I used to be called lanky by bigger white girls. Now that I’m muscular I get “lol don’t forget your roids” comments all the time.

Basically, no matter what you look like, someone will try and put you down to make themselves feel better. It’s just the state of humanity and a bully mentality that most people, ironically, consider themselves above.

16. Talk about MEAN

When I was 15 I went to an under-18’s club night. I was a overweight/chubby, but not like, fat. Probably had a BMI of about 26/27.

Anyway, this pretty girl and her friend came up to me. I didn’t exactly dress well – baggy shorts, some skater shoes, an ill-fitting shirt.

So she started talking to me, and I was really shy. She said, “Do you play rugby?”

I was like, “Yeah… why?”

She said, “You look like you play prop.”

I said, “Uh… yeah, I do. How did you know?”

“Cause props are fat,” then she turned to her friend and laughed, they laughed together, and their male friend came over and laughed too. The thing is, it wasn’t like a ‘we’re laughing at you’ laugh, but more a ‘wasn’t that joke funny’ laugh. They barely acknowledged my existence or my feelings. That really sucked.

Not the first or last time I was called fat, but that’s the one that sticks in my mind the most. I remember it like it was yesterday. I could even describe in detail the area I was standing in. Totally ruined my night, I didn’t want to talk to anyone all night. That girl was a cunt. I wish I just punched her right in the fucking nose haha.

17. 20 mile long run…?

So one time while I was still in high school I can back from cross country practice and my brother had his land whale of a girlfriend over. Well I’m obviously hungry so I make a pound of pasta to eat. Seeing this, my brothers girlfriend says “you shouldn’t eat that much, thats how people become obese.” I just look at her and say “I just ran 20 miles at a 7:30 pace, bite me”. Took my pasta and ate in another room. For reference I was 6’2” and 185 pounds at the time, but I literally had stripped my entire body of fat and was really muscular.

18. Pilin’ on the hate

Friend of a friend in HS. She was a notorious shit talker, and sometimes would “slip” and say something out loud. Never directly to you, but only when a room full of people were paying attention.

Meanwhile, she had a face so pock marked and craggy that Sherpas could be hired to help you summit it.

I swear her face had more craters than Rock Eater from Never Ending Story.

19. Hate brings on hate

I was a really skinny guy in high school, and people had NO problem letting me know.

One obese girl in particular liked to call me skinny nicknames. She felt it was ok to call a guy skinny but oh boy you better not mention her weight.

I made fun of people for stuff back then too so I really don’t have much room to be upset for being made fun of.

20. Reality sucks

I’m 41. I’m not shredded, but I’m built like an oak tree and you can see the outline of my abs on my belly because of work and weights. Women my age give their round husbands shit for not looking like me. I hate that shit.

But all the sweet irony hits when they age to about 25 or pop out some kids and have a much harder time losing weight, getting wrinkles to hide under foundation, and start going gray.

Just wait it out. Reality is a slapdown for the shallow women who live on hot pockets and coast on their genetics. The ones who think they have the world by the tail don’t understand that you can be looking at their body without looking at the shitty person underneath.

21. What exactly is a real man?

I rarely get anything directly, but I’ve seen a lot of girls in my life make comments about how a ripped/shredded/jacked/tall/buff guy is a “real man.” They rarely say anything directly but most seem to expect you to “offset” your lack of physique if you’re not in great shape with something like intellect, wealth, charm, etc, which isn’t entirely unfair until you realize most of these girls are hardly in great shape themselves and have very little to offer in the same way yet would balk under similar expectation.

22. No one is perfect!

I’ve always subscribed to the view that if I can’t say anything nice about a man’s body, I should keep my damned mouth shut. I expect the same of any lovers I have. However, if I’m taking on a lover it is likely I’m so into them that every inch of them brings me delight, even the imperfections. I’m in no way perfect. If my imperfections immediately turn my lover off, we should probably not see each other. I’m a chubby girl, though I run and have lost 20lbs shy of 100 pounds in the past 3.5 years. I don’t expect anybody I’m involved with to have an Adonis body. My conclusion is that your lady friend is a bit douchey for being critical of your body.

23. Zinger

In high school a girl made fun of my manboobs. She was short and on the pretty side of plain, but she didn’t exactly have men chasing after her. She also had a blond (or bleached?) mustache.

Anyway, in a group of people at an off-campus school event, she remarked “Wow, your tits are bigger than mine!” Already she’s insulting me as well as herself, but I had recently shaved so I spat back, “And your mustache is bushier than mine!” and she shut right the fuck up.

24. Are you a social justice warrior?

A guy is in his 20s and is overweight, shame on him. But a woman is overweight, she goes on tumblr and bitches about the image of women. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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