22 People Describe The One Thing That Will Mess With Your Mind

WE LOVE TO GET A GOOD OL’ MINDFUCK. Check more out on this Reddit thread. Spark it.

1. Uh…uh…what

There’s no reason the alphabet needs to be in that order.

2. Shower thoughts

Bathtubs are reverse boats.

3. (It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday!)

That you’ve known your parents your entire life, but they’ve only known you for a portion of theirs.

4. This is actually comforting

Some blind people have never seen a smile, but they still know how to do it when they’re happy.

5. The Bene-Gesserit would be disappointed

As a girl, if I fail to have a daughter, I will be the first fuck up in a specific long uninterrupted line stretching back to mitochondrial Eve.

6. Ack, dammit, Matrix

There is no way of knowing if reality actually exists outside of your head.

7. “Legend has it that there’s almost twice as many”

There are more nipples on earth than people.

8. Big deal

Causality. If the sun disappeared, the earth would continue its orbit for about 8 minutes, as if it were still there.

9. Can you find it?

It’s amazing how the the human mind does not process the the fact I used the the word “the” twice each time in this sentence.

10. Punch yourself again, I missed it

If I punch myself and it hurts, am I too weak or too strong?

11. Always ready to surprise your enemy

Your stomach is always filled with warm vomit.

12. Gnarmfpickle

Every word is a made up word!

13. The brain also named itself

Neuroscience is literally the brain studying itself.

14. We evolved to disregard it

You always see your nose it’s just that your brain avoids it.

15. Science!

Atoms are made of quantum particles, and quantum particles are just excitations in the quantum field. The quantum field is all around us, even in empty space. When you move, the excitations are traveling along the quantum field. You are now made up of a different part of the quantum field. Same excitations, but a different part of the quantum field.

Just by existing, matter travels at the speed of light at all times. There are two directions for it to travel, through space, or through time. Light travels through space very fast but almost not at all through time, so it almost appears to be existing in more than one place at the same time. We, as matter, travel through time instead of space, so we can appear to be still. The closer to light speed our matter travels, the slower through time we will be traveling relative to those who are still.

16. Horse-goat-beasts with long necks

That giraffes sleep on average only 1.9 hours daily.

17. I am now in much pain after reading this

Think about this – if either of your parents did literally anything differently in their lives before conceiving you, you wouldn’t exist. I mean, if they waited one more minute before fucking to make you, a different sperm cell would’ve fertilized your mother’s egg, and that wouldn’t be you. Thinking of it like that, the chances of you being alive is pretty mindfucking.

On top of that, so is the thought of non-existence in general.

18. An important scientific discovery

The immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks.

19. )) <> ((

There is an uninterrupted hole going from mouth to anus in your body.

20. Timewise

Mammoths were alive when the great pyramids were built.

And Cleopatra lived closer to the moon landing than the building of the pyramids.

21. Yes, yes I was

You were once the youngest person on earth.


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