13 People Share Their Spine-Tingling Stories Of Near Death Experiences

Does this mean that the soul really exists? Found here: r/AskReddit.

1. She was technically dead

My aunt died in the hospital several years ago. She was clinically dead for a few minutes.

In that time she says she floated above the operating table and saw them trying to revive her. She says she felt a pull on her and flew out through the very top of the room. She remembered very clearly floating above the light fixture on the ceiling and then there being darkness.

Suddenly she found herself floating above the ground several inches just above a field of dirt. In front of her was a very large chasm, deep, very dark, she couldn’t see the bottom of it from where she was. On the other side of the chasm was a beautiful field. Green grass, flowers, trees and sunlight. On her side of the chasm it was overcast and very little light, no vegetation just brown dirt.

She felt the same force that pulled her out through the ceiling of the hospital start pulling her across the chasm. As she started floating over the chasm these hands reached out of the blackness and started pulling at her, almost like ripping the flesh from her legs and feet. She says it was the worst feeling of pain and cold she had ever experienced and it horrified her.

After what seemed like forever she reached the other side of the chasm and the hands went away. The feeling of pain and terror was replaced with a feeling of happiness and contentment and warmth. Several family members that had been dead for some time were there and they seemed to be beckoning her over. She was lowing to the field when she heard the doctor say something. It sounded like it echoed very loudly from the other side of the chasm.

Suddenly that force pulled her across the chasm again only this time much faster than she had been pulled over the first time. Again the hands came and again the cold. The hands ripped at her and she felt the pain she had felt before. Finally she came to the dirt side of the chasm again. Then blackness. Then she was on the ceiling of her room in the hospital again and she saw her body spasm violently and her arm smacked the doctors arm breaking his watch. Her spirit was pulled back into her body again and she heard him say something like “She’s back” and then blackness again.

Several hours later she woke up and she was PISSED OFF, at first. Then she realized she was alive and she thanked the doctor. He was surprised because when she did that she was technically dead.

I don’t know what she saw but she was very descriptive of what she thinks she saw.

2. Jersey Devil

My dad has ‘died’ twice due to heart attacks. He says he saw New Jersey. He was not in New Jersey at the time.

3. Drugs

After taking DMT, I came to this conclusion.

The Tunnel of light people see when they die is a phenomenon based in growing awareness of the body, inclusive in the burst of DMT. It’s not that they’re coming to see a tunnel of light, they’re seeing the tunnel of light that always is. You see, what we know as vision is a tunnel of light being let through a small hole in our eyes. DMT simply makes you aware of that, and really fucking tripped out, right before you die.

No heaven, no hell, just new realizations on how reality is.

4. I ain’t no doctor, but…

I’ve had a few friends who have been in crazy accidents and have slipped into comas as a result.

One said it was the most peaceful experience ever They had something similar to the “white light” phenomenon where they were “floating” above their body, seeing a bright light etc. Almost the same stereotypical experience.
The other had a completely different experience that shook me a little. He said he saw demons and creatures all sorts of crazy shit. He even said he felt pain and sorrow. He said it was the most horrific thing hes ever experienced.

Both of my friends aren’t religious, were both in comas and on heavy meds (not sure of what exactly).

I personally think a lot of it has to do with the meds and how they affect different people. I ain’t no doctor, but that’s my diagnosis.

5. It was just…peaceful

I think I’ve had an NDE.

Mild accident in the snow and I wasn’t getting much air into me. It was a very peaceful experience, there was little to no pain and there were bright swirls of light in the sky, similar to watching the reflections of a lake. I felt my vision go darker at the edges (vignetting?) and a floating feeling. I just felt my limbs fall away, like when you lie in bed with everything relaxed completely. Even in the falling snow I felt warm.

I watched a documentary many years before that and they suggested that the ‘light’ seen are your senses shutting down as it prepares for death. I think NASA put astronauts through intense graviton g-force tests to see what the human limits are. Apparently some astronauts started to see tunnels of light as the body moved into dying mode.

Unfortunately I have no articles to back this up … sounds like a research task.

6. At hospice care

I have hospice patients that say angels come and visit them. One lady said, “There is a little boy sitting at the foot of my bed, saying I’m going to go soon.” I have seen many people at the end of their journey talking to dead relatives that have passed. I have been in the room of one elderly man who was terrified by what he saw, pain and fire, what he perceived as hell – he led a tumultuous life with no closure – he hadn’t spoken to his family in years… I don’t know if what he saw was real or just real to him because of all the turmoil and unfinished business in his life.

7. Evil spirits

My mom was working as a doctor in some hospital, and one of her long term patients was finally dying. It was this old man, and no one really liked him. He was mean to all the nurses, calling the male nurses ‘faggots’ and the saying sexual things to the females. Anyway, a few hours before he died, he started to get really scared and trying to apologize to the staff (Granted, this is all in some delirious state). When he eventually died, mom said that the whole staff was really creeped out by going in that room, even adding that it felt like the room was darker and ‘evil’.

8. Time passed by really fast

I didn’t see anything like that when I died. From my experience, I died from an asthma attack after being taken off of prednisone (oral steroid for severe asthmatics) after being on it for about 2 years or so. I remember before waking up and everything in my vision was red and black, and I was in a complete panic at that point in time so all I remember physically doing was hitting my nebulizer to starting taking an albuterol dose and at that point it was too late. The movement itself was completely reflexive because I’d been used to waking up struggling to breathe in the middle of the night for weeks after stopping the prednisone, including multiple ER visits and bullshit like that.

Anyway, I blacked out with the nebulizer running and fell over onto my bed and at that point I wasn’t breathing any more. My neb was going and luckily, I reckon, my cord got tangled up in my arms and came off the nebulizer so it was loudly spewing out compressed air. The only thing I was was my mother walking around the house. More specifically, I was floating in the hallway, above a bookcase that used to be there, looking down the hall and I saw my mom walk out of her bedroom and go to the bathroom, leave the bathroom, stop in the hallway, walk down it to either go out the back door or to the kitchen, and then after what I’d reckon to be 2 minutes or less walk into my bedroom. At that point my dad was already in there doing CPR on me to try and get me breathing again. She always told me how my color was ash grey, my lips were blue and my eyes were rolled back into my head.

When I was watching her though, it reminds me of watching something through cloudy water, like if you take a pair of goggles and put milky water in them and then put them on, everything kind of stretches and vibrates and your perspective is different because you’re looking through the water. That’s how it looked to me, from when I was floating in the hallway. I can still remember that to this day. Afterwards, once she went in my room, I guess I gave up or my soul or whatever extension of my consciousness got bored and went fuck all because I really don’t know what happened after that. All I can say is it felt like time was passing me by at a very fast speed, like if you can imagine sitting in a dark room with nothing around you can you can start to feel time passing you, as in what the concept of time represents, moment to moment, then speed it up by about a million or a trillion times normal speed, it’d feel like you’re moving I reckon or that’s at least how it felt to me. Like, becoming a mass of energy and then just compressing down and riding the wave of time, still within myself by consciously aware of a void that had been created, again within myself.

9. DMT Dump?

I was in a car accident when I was 7 and I shattered my skull, broke my left shoulder, and had cerebral hemorrhaging. I came in and out of consciousness a few times afterwards while being transported to the hospital and I specifically remember waking up in the helicopter and looking out at all of the buildings.. Then shit got weird. The buildings started to change color and transformed into strange shapes. I was tripping HARD.

I saw very bright lights and everything felt extremely peaceful and I didn’t question one moment of it. I’m not completely sure if my body was going through the theorized “DMT dump” or if this was some other effect caused by brain damage, but if the amazing doctor that I owe my life to had not suspected hemorrhaging (from my mildly droopy smile that my own parents didn’t catch) I wold have died that night. I only stayed in the hospital for a week after surgery and the only remaining damage from this incident is a pretty rad “headband” scar from ear to ear and 3 plates in my head. 10 years later I was out eating with my father (who was also in the accident) and he spotted the EMS workers that responded to the accident and I got to thank them :) greatest moment ever.

10. Vision of fire

My gramps did. His heart stopped beating briefly about ten days before he died. When he came to he still thought everything was on fire and begged my grandmother to put it out. The exact vision wasn’t passed along to the family but from what he did say to Grandma – that there had been fire everywhere, she didn’t say what else – she figured he’d been to Hell and they’d thrown the cantankerous old buzzard out.

11. Happiest moment ever

I remember when my brain got starved of oxygen for around 5 minutes. The sky went white, and the grass went pale blue. It all looked ‘heavenly’ and was trippy as shit. Happiest moment of ‘about to die’ ever for me.

12. Scuba Accident

I remember when I was kid (maybe 7 or 8), we had an American come to our church (I’m Australian) and it was a big deal, but I didn’t understand why.

I later found out that he was an ex-Athiest that had apparently died and come back to life whilst scuba diving (was poisoned by some fish or sting ray), and whilst dead for a few minutes he had been taken to hell. He spoke of all it’s horrors and whatnot and it was very woeful sounding stuff. After coming back to life and seeing his future, he became a Christian and had been spreading his story.

This would have been about 10-12 years ago, so my details may be a bit off – but that was the general idea.

13. This theory

There is a theory that DMT is dumped into the bloodstream. it explains the white lights, people, travel, etc. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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