When Love Gets Away, Then Comes Back

Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

When love gets away then comes back, you don’t have to wonder ‘what if.’

You’ve had time apart. You’ve dated other people. You’ve lived the single life, explored other options and now you’re left without a question in your mind as to whether this relationship’s right for you. You know what else is out there – and it’s nothing compared to what you have.

When love gets away then comes back, you have a deep understanding of how to handle it.

You’ve had time to reflect and repent. You’ve had time to analyze what went wrong. You’ve come back to the relationship with a new perspective on how to make it work – based on what definitely did not work in the past. You know how to avoid having history repeat itself.

When love gets away then comes back, it returns to more self-aware people.

You’ve both done some soul-searching and growing. You’ve both learned a lot about yourselves. You’re both ready to try love again, armed with a new awareness of what you need and what you have to give to each other. And that awareness makes your relationship an infinitely happier place to be.

When love gets away then comes back, you can appreciate it more fully than ever.

You remember what it felt like to miss each other. You remember all the time you spent apart. You know what your life looks like without the other person in it, which means you’re able to appreciate every moment you have with them. You know not to take them for granted.

When love gets away then comes back, it comes back stronger.

It comes back fuller. It comes back cloaked in apologies and forgiveness. It comes back with more ferocity than it ever had the first time around, because it now understands how much this matters. How much you mean to one another. How much you don’t want to be without each other – despite knowing without a doubt that you can be.

When love gets away then comes back, you know it’s finally there to stay.

You have tried to move on from each other – you’ve gone your separate ways, forged your individual paths and learned an infinite amount about yourselves. And yet, something brought you back to each other anyway.

Something kept reminding you that for every success you saw alone, you might see double when working together. Something kept reminding you that this was a love to not let go of. Something kept reminding you that the best things in life never get away for good.

The best things always come back when they’re meant to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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