Here’s Who You Were In A Past Life Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

 Liat Aharoni
Liat Aharoni

It’s hard to say if or why reincarnation happens – but a leading theory is that we come back to solve the problems and disputes that we just couldn’t solve in our past lives.

This theory would suggest that we each come back as incredibly different versions of the people we were in our past lives. People with entirely different cognitive structures, and methods for solving problems that our past selves just didn’t have.

You might even say we come back as the shadow of our former selves. And depending on your Myers-Briggs personality type, here is exactly what that former self may have looked like.


In your past life, you were a con artist. You were a daring and charismatic personality, who drew people in with your charm and then swindled them for all they were worth. Your loyalties belonged to no one, and you were always one step ahead of the competition. You lived a long life of thievery on the road, but a part of you secretly yearned to give up your double-crossing ways and finally commit to spending your life with someone you loved. At the end of your life, you sternly vowed that you’d live an honest and respectable life if you were given the chance to do it all over again.


In your past life, you were a white collar criminal. Logic and rationality ruled your world, and you had a knack for cracking complicated systems with ease. Consequently, you used your skills to orchestrate large-scale hacks of organizations who were financially thriving. You believed that everything you could get away with was fair game, and rarely stopped to consider the consequences your actions may have had on other people.


In your past life, you were a prophet. You pledged allegiance to a power higher than yourself and led others through your strict, unwavering moral code. Though you led with compassion and diligence, your primary vice lay in your refusal to question what you knew. You took everything at face value and refused to consider or critically analyze unfamiliar perspectives. You were known for being well-intentioned, but incredibly set in your ways.


In your past life, you were a drill sergeant. The world was a black-and-white place to you, where the weak wouldn’t make it and the strong learned to conquer and thrive. You led others to strength and victory, with your no-nonsense, bullshit-intolerant attitude. You were respected for your competence and confidence, but criticized for your lack of compassion. You were a no-nonsense hardass, who rarely took the time to stop and consider other points of view.


In your past life, you were a bleeding-hearted philosopher. You believed that all of your actions ought to be oriented towards the greater good of mankind, and you rarely acted before considering the possible consequences of each and every action. You were big-hearted, but perfectionistic to a fault. Others regularly criticized you for your tendency to look so hard that you’d forget to leap altogether.


In your past life, you were a cult leader. You were a master at connecting with others on a spiritual level, and convincing them to join you on your unique, divine journey. You were rumoured to be a great spiritual healer and you believed this to be true about yourself, because you intuitively felt that it was. Others revered your charisma and compassion, but regularly criticized you for your lack of objectivity and your tendency to throw logic out the window in favor of following your heart.


In your past live, you were a world-renowned poet. You lived in a tiny cabin in the woods, where you constructed prose and hid away from the public eye. You were inspired by the woodland creatures that hopped by your door every morning, seeing them as metaphors for the human condition. You were well-respected for your talent, but publishers hated working with you because you rarely finished anything you’d start. You were a bit wishy-washy and unrealistic – something you drastically wished to change about yourself throughout most of your life.


In your past life, you were a nomad. You traveled aimlessly from place to place, refusing to settle down in any of them, because you didn’t want society to place limitations on your freedom. You self-identified as a ‘free spirit’ and accumulated as few physical possessions as possible. Your positivity and charm were revered by many, but you were often criticized for being wishy-washy and indecisive. You secretly longed for a more stable life, and a more decisive attitude.


In your past life, you were an adventurer. You spent your days exploring new lands, meeting fascinating people from around the world and fearlessly taking on new physical challenges. Your life was ruled by action and passion, but your overarching vice was your inability to slow down and think things through. You were notorious for leaping before looking, and failing to take the time to thoroughly reflect on your experiences.


In your past life, you were a brooding, misunderstood artist. You saw the world as a blank canvas, ready to be colored by your unique perceptions and insights. However, you had trouble following through on your creative projects. Your emotional nature often got in the way of your work ethic, and you always hoped that in your next life, you’d come back with a little more discipline.


In your past life, you were an A-list celebrity. You spent your life in the spotlight, being discussed in Gossip columns and coveted by the population at large. Your career was driven predominantly by your ability to network and socialize with an effortless grace. However, you often wished for a quieter life – one where you had time and space for contemplation, instead being strapped onto a non-stop marry-go-round of empty socializing.


In your past life, you were a stay-at-home parent. You lived a quiet, simple life in the countryside, where caring for your family was both your primary concern and your primary joy. You appreciated the repetitive structure of your day-to-day life – things didn’t change much over the years and you found a comfortable sense of relief in that. However, a part of you always wondered what your life might have become had you broken the mold and explored other areas of interest. A tiny part of you always felt held back, and was left wondering ‘what if.’


In your past life, you were an anarchist. You believed that humans were not meant to be governed, and you spent your life publicly and provocatively challenging the status quo at every opportunity. You were routinely arrested for public disturbances but you didn’t really mind. You thought that jail was an interesting experience, and you used your time there to work on self-development and broadening your perspective by talking to the other inmates. Notorious as you were, a part of you secretly wished for a quieter, simpler life. One where you played by the rules and prioritized personal relationships above what you wanted for yourself.


In your past life, you were a mad scientist. You spent your life cooped up in a lab, researching every zany idea you could think of and eventually happening upon some of humanity’s most incredible discoveries. You were a wholly unconventional researcher, who played by your own set of rules. As much as the world of discovery and invention fascinated you, however, you often longed for the close personal relationships you lacked. A part of you hoped that in a future life, a greater focus would be placed on love and companionship.


In your past life you were the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. You developed business acumen at a young age and pulled yourself up by your bootstraps to start making millions by thirty. You spent your entire life hustling and strategizing, without ever taking time off to enjoy yourself. While you prided yourself on your accomplishments, you did sometimes wish for a quieter, less structured existence. One where you could stretch your creative muscles and focus on making things you loved for the mere sake of making and enjoying them.


In your last life, you were a philosopher. You spent your life in constant search of knowledge and wisdom, and you spent the majority of your time cooped up in the library with books. Your friends came to you when they were looking for expertise on a wide array of topics – there was nothing you hadn’t studied up on, learned inside out and backwards and formed your own fascinating perspective on. However, at the end of your life, you realized you’d spent the whole thing thinking about living and had largely forgotten to live. You swore that in your next life, you wouldn’t take a moment for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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