Brangelina Is Dead And Team Jen Is Freaking The F*ck Out On Twitter

When it hit the tabloids that Brangelina was breaking up this morning, it was almost impossible to believe. The couple of twelve years had captured many hearts with their philanthropic nature – that is, except for everyone who was #TeamJen when Brad ripped her heart out of her chest and made it a 60 page photo spread.

We can’t be sure how Jennifer Aniston herself is reacting this morning, but we CAN be sure of how her fans feel.

According to twitter, it’s a lot like this:

Or maybe, for those of us who like to take the higher road, like this:

In any case, it feels good to know that karma is alive and active.

Even though we of course hate to take pleasure in someone else’s pain.

We’re sure Jen is handling things maturely.

But her fans are holding themselves to no such standard.

In fact, everyone who’s ever been cheated on probably feels a little like this today:

Or at the very least, like this:

And Jen herself? Probably handling it IRL like the mature adult she is.

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