Here’s A Twitter Thread Of Women Exposing Men Who Asked Them For Money

Historically women have been called gold-diggers any time they require any kind of effort from men, even if he doesn’t have any gold to dig. Now, with more women getting college degrees and young women out-earning men, these same men are starting to change their tune. Luckily, women of Twitter have started exposing the men who as them for money. Some of these men just met the women on Tinder!

Here’s the original tweet:

And another one:

And another:

She hadn’t even known him for a full week:

Literally a whole grand

BTW this is a scam

Another scam



“This sucks”

At least he wanted to work?

It’s the gaslighting for me

“I don’t know how you could feel comfortable asking”

If you won’t give me money you’re fake

“I don’t even remember your name”

This is how it’s done Queens

I think in a healthy relationship giving money to someone you love is perfectly fine. But that’s in an established, committed relationship where you are already valued and trust that they are loyal to you. These texts are just… unhinged on a whole different level and I pray for any woman who is falling for it. Here’s a little anthem you can keep in your head until someone demonstrates that they are trustworthy.