What Each Enneagram Type Is Secretly Afraid You’ll Find Out About Them

The Enneagram of Personality separates people into nine distinct categories – each of which is governed by a unique set of core fears and motivations. In line with these fears and motivations comes a specific set of hidden truths that each type is harbouring. Here is what each Enneagram type is secretly scared you’ll discover about them – and why that fear would be so damaging.

Andreas Rønningen
Andreas Rønningen

Type 1: That they are fundamentally immoral and have vices.

Type 1s are known for being social justice advocates and fearless fighters for a more moral society. But the reason these types are so preoccupied with the way the world ought to be is because they are constantly moving away from the fear that they themselves are corrupt and immoral. At their core, this type is terrified that others will discover them to be immoral, flawed and riddled with vices – just like everyone else who surrounds them.

Type 2: That they are not worthy of being loved.

Type 2s are known for devoting themselves unabashedly to the service of others. But what this type doesn’t want you to know is that they do this because they’re afraid, at their core, that it’s the only way they can get others to love them. This type feels inherently unworthy of love and believes that if they stop helping and supporting those around them, nobody would have a good reason to love them back.

Type 3: That aside from their accomplishments, they are not all that impressive.

Type 3s are known for their goal-oriented nature. They are constantly striving to achieve and impress – but the reason they are doing this is because they fear that apart from their accomplishments, they are worthless. Take away their accomplishments and there is nothing to the type 3 as a person – or so they are terrified you’ll discover.

Type 4: That they have to emphasize their differences because who they actually are is not good enough.

Type 4s are known for being complex, intense and unique. But the reason they’ve cultivated such a complex identity is because at their core, they feel as though who they are just doesn’t measure up to other people. This type must be fascinatingly different in order to feel as though they’re worthy of love – because as far as they’re concerned, their true self just isn’t good enough.

Type 5: That they don’t intuitively understand anything how the world around them works.

Type 5s are constantly researching, analyzing and learning about the world around them. And the reason they’re doing this is because they’re afraid, at their core, that they are not capable of intuitively understanding it. This type believes that they’d be genuinely lost without their knowledge base – and so they must build on it at all costs, in order to avoid incompetence.

Type 6: That they feel incapable of providing for themselves.

Type 6s are constantly seeking out mentors and are ceaselessly loyal toward loved ones. But the reason they are so devoted to their relationships is because the 6 type believes, at their core, that they are incapable of providing for themselves. This type relies on their external relationships with others to keep them feeling safe and secure. They secretly believe that if they were left completely alone, they wouldn’t be able to take care of themselves.

Type 7: That they’re constantly searching for external stimulation because they feel empty inside.

The 7 type is known for being wild and adventurous. But the reason they seek so much external stimulation is because this type feels, at their core, that what they are searching for in life can only be found outside of themselves. This type is terrified of being left alone – without new people or new adventures to take part in – because they believe that who they are on their own is not enough to make them happy or to make their lives meaningful and rich.

Type 8: That they’re afraid of the impact other people are capable of having on them.

They 8 type is known for being controlling of the people around them. But the reason this type keeps such a tight leash on their external environments is because they are afraid that if they don’t do so, others are going to take advantage of them. Type 8s are inherently distrustful of others and they harbor a very real belief that if they leave themselves at the mercy of others in absolutely any way, others will harm them irreversibly.

Type 9: That they don’t know who they are apart from others.

The 9 type is known for being highly in tune with the people around them, as well as the spiritual side of life. But the real reason type 9s are so in touch with others is because they fear that other people make up an integral part of themselves – a part that they are terrified to lose. Without the people, belief systems or communities they’re connected to, the 9 type fears that they’d be nothing but an empty vessel. And so they need to keep those relationships nurtured and strong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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