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What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Looks Like When They’re Thriving


An ENTP at their best is creative, industrious, focused and committed to his or her objectives. This type possesses the unique ability to find truly novel solutions to almost any problem they face and to communicate those solutions to others with confidence and conviction. This type of ENTP is able to balance his or her big picture goals with their day-to-day practical, emotional and logical concerns. They have let go of their need to shock and impress others and are able to carry out their long-term objectives in a way that is cooperative and fair to those around them – exuding a natural sense of confidence as they go.


An INTP at their best is focused, analytical and highly capable of integrating inventive new ideas with what is already known. At their best, this type is able to see projects through to fruition and communicate their findings with others in a clear yet open-minded manner. They have let go of resentment and any unhealthy cynicism, and are able to approach new projects with a balance of focus and open-mindedness.


An INTJ at their best is focused, decisive, confident and living peacefully in accordance with his or her internal values. This type possesses the unique ability to translate their big-picture visions into concrete actions and to bring about significant change in their environment. An INTJ at their best is able to communicate their vision to others with a mixture of concision and compassion, as they have let go of feelings of resentment and are easily able to put themselves in others’ shoes. They are able to both react confidently to their external environment in the moment and to plan concretely and effectively for the future.


An ENTJ at their best is focused and forward-thinking, but also confident and decisive in the face of day-to-day upsets and concerns. This type possesses the unique ability to set long-term plans into motion that are both highly practical and thoroughly analytical in nature. At their best, this type makes for an effective leader who is able to integrate their long-term plans with the day-to-day concerns of their environments and the people around them. They have let go of anxiety and the need for complete control, and can enact plans that are both effective and adaptable to change.


An ISFJ at their best is constantly learning and perfecting their particular skill set, which they then use to help nurture their loved ones or immediate community. This type of ISFJ has found a happy balance between maintaining a lifestyle that allows them to feel secure, and caring for the people they love in a tangible way. They have let go of resentment, judgments and anxiety and are comfortable applying creative methods of problem-solving to their own decisions. They are able to find a happy medium between doing what is best for the group and doing what is best for themselves in the long-term.


An ESFJ at their best is warm, inviting and nurturing toward others, but can also provide for themselves and draw boundaries wherever need be. This type of ESFJ is highly invested in their community or their loved ones and feels as though they are making a significant difference in whichever way is most important to them. However, they are comfortable saying ‘no’ when need be. A thriving ESFJ has let go of guilt, anxiety and judgments of others, and is internally motivated to make the best impact they can personally make on the people ad the world that surrounds them.


An ISFP at their best is passionate, creative, inspired and deeply in touch with both themselves and those around them. They take on new projects with enthusiasm and are able to see them through to completion – making peace with the ever-elusive concept of ‘perfection.’ They are readily engaged with the physical world that surrounds them and actively seek out opportunities to try new things and explore their environment in a new way. They have let go of self-doubt and self-criticism and are comfortable sharing their gifts and their insights with others in an open and vulnerable way.


An ESFP at their best is enthusiastic, open, compassionate and self-sufficient. They are constantly seeking out new opportunities that exist in their external environment, but are able to see through the ones that they’ve chosen and complete the projects that they feel passionately about. This type of ESFP enjoys socializing with others but is able to make important decisions for themselves. They are able to apply personal insights to other people’s struggles and often serve as a well of strength and support for the people they care about. They readily welcome new people into their lives but are more than capable of supporting and providing for themselves.


An ESTP at their best is an adventurous, entrepreneurial thinker who takes concrete action on their goals, which they are able to see through to completion. They are highly attentive to their immediate surroundings and balance an adventurous spirit with a keenly logical mind. When this type is thriving they are able to provide for their loved ones, plan decisively for the future and also fully engage in and enjoy the present moment. They are true true jacks-of-all-trades – and may even be master of some!


An ISTP at their best is analytical, adventurous, forward-thinking and considerate of the people they care about. This type is highly engaged with the physical world that surrounds them and takes on new projects eagerly, which they are able to see through to completion. The ISTP who is thriving is able to balance his or her desire to analyze the world around them with the ability to explore their environment and carry out practical plans. They are highly independent but remain devoted to their loved ones and are able to plan decisively and practically for the future. This type thrives when they are able to structure their external environment in a way that concedes to their internal system of logic.


An ESTJ at their best is a confident, capable member of society who is able to provide for themselves and their loved ones, but is also able to solve problems creatively and unconventionally. They are able to plan ahead and adhere to social conventions, but also think effectively on their feet and source outside-the-box solutions to complex problems. At their best, this type has let go of anger, anxiety and frustration and can openly embrace changing plans with confidence, competence and enthusiasm.


An ISTJ at their best is a skilled, knowledgeable and productive member of society, who holds true to their internal set of moral values. They are able to effectively analyze the best course of action in a given situation based on which methods have worked well in the past, but they are also able to use creative problem solving when need be. At their best, this type is quick to put concrete plans into action based on what they internally know to be the right thing to do – but they are also open to new ways of doing things as they have let go of anxiety, distrust and stubbornness in relation to their external environment.


An ENFP at their best is open, inventive, compassionate and committed to his or her goals. They possess the unique ability to accomplish almost anything they set their minds to and serve as an inspiration to those around them. This type of ENFP is able to balance his or her big picture ideals with their day-to-day emotional and practical concerns. They have let go of feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and jealousy and are able to welcome both success and failure with open arms and a ceaselessly resilient spirit. Others look to them as a source of inspiration and strength.


An INFP at their best is compassionate, open, analytical and capable of balancing their deep, day-to-day emotions with the realities of everyday life. This type possesses the unique ability to understand emotional processes on a deep level and to use that understanding to connect with and inspire the best in others. At their best, this type has learned how to care for themselves on a practical level and can attend to their own needs as effectively as they attend to the needs of others. They have let go of feelings of jealousy, inadequacy and guilt and are able to use their own depth of emotion and intellect to connect with the experiences of others on an incredibly personal level – without giving up too much of themselves in the process.


An INFJ at their best is independently focused and analytical yet also open to sharing and applying their insights with others. When this type is thriving they are constantly pushing themselves to learn, understand and intuit about the world around them in new, unconventional ways. They then incorporate the viewpoints of others into their decision-making process in a way that is fair to both the INFJ and the people they care for. At their best, this type has let go of feelings of disconnection and isolation and they possess the unique ability to understand and communicate large-scale truths about life to others in a meaningful and influential way that facilitates genuine connection.


An ENFJ at their best is highly engaged with others in a way that feels meaningful to both themselves and the people around them. They are able to draw energy from social interaction but also plan for the future and strive toward goals independently. This type of ENFJ has let go of negative judgments and can apply their objective observations of others to help the people aroud them thrive despite their challenges. This type possesses the unique ability to help others play from their personal strengths and to guide those around them toward success, without emotionally depleting themselves in the process. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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