17 Things Hot Guys Do That All Girls Love


1. Exist.

2. Wear a nice, well-tailored suit. Hot guys are hot in anything they wear, but there’s something about a guy in a suit that gives him like 10,000 extra hotness points.

3. Interact with cute things — like babies! Or cats! Or baby koalas! Or anything cute, really. Shows that he has a soft side. There’s nothing worse than a hot guy who is pretty much an asshole. Unless you’re just dating him for the sex, in which case may you enjoy many multiple orgasms!

4. Maybe it’s just me but I love it when a guy carries a briefcase. This is just like when he wears a suit, only you can be casual and carry a briefcase.

5. Have a really nice, distinctive smell, one that gets stuck on my clothes so I’ll always think of him when I smell it.

6. Have a really, really cute laugh. Why ruin your hotness and sex appeal, hot guy, with an assaulting laugh?

7. When he touches you in a confident way — grabbing your hand to lead you through a crowd at a concert, touching the small of your back ever so gently. (Yes, hot guys, yes!)

8. Every single time he runs his hands through his hair, especially if he is in deep thought.

9. That special smirk all guys have where you ask them what they’re looking at and they go “nothing.” It’s the “You’re amazing/let’s fuck” smirk. This is very similar to the “I know you want me” lick of the lips.

10. When he’s wearing a t-shirt and stretches juuuuust enough that you catch a glimpse of his pleasure trail.

11. Every single time he gets out of the shower and only has a towel around his waist.

12. And then when he puts his pants on but they aren’t buttoned all the way and he’s shirtless and barefoot and brushing his teeth. BLOWJOB TIME.

13. When he adjusts his junk in public/when you can see the imprint of his junk via his sweatpants/shorts/pants.

14. If he can hold a conversation and keep you interested and entertained!

15. When he cooks for you the like one recipe he knows. Everyone should have something they can cook for the person they’re seeing.

16. If he is creative and sings, makes music, paints, writes, or otherwise shows you something that has come from the darkest corners of his soul. SO HOT.

17. When he can’t keep his hands off of you and tells you how amazing you are. He’s a keeper. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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