11 Ways To Be Sexier In 60 Seconds

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1. Feel Confident. It may seem like a cliché to some, but feeling confident is the fastest way to unlock your inner sex god. There’s nothing sexy about someone who is sad and mopey, who complains all the time and seems like they’re never having fun. When you feel confident you perk up, you stand up taller, you’re assertive. Even in our most unconfident moments, there are all sorts of micro moments where we feel sexy. So when was the last time you felt super confident? Replay that moment in your head as much as you need.

2. Practice Yoga. Yoga makes you feel confident because it is about focusing on you. You build stamina, tone your muscles, become aware of your body. And you get to wear skin tight clothes that make your body look amazing. Downward facing dog, anyone?

3. Go For That Disheveled Look. I like a guy who always seems a little dirty. Not dirty dirty, more like rough. Maybe his hair is a little unkempt, and maybe he looks a little worn in. Think about how sexy bed/after sex hair can be! Now imagine if you channeled that raw sexual energy throughout your day. You’ll keep them coming back for more.

4. Wear A Leather Jacket. Everyone likes a bad girl or a bad boy from time to time. A nice leather jacket is the perfect way to pump up the volume on your sex appeal in a way that’s as effortless as it is seductive. No matter what you’re wearing, if you throw a leather jacket on top, chances are people will find you sexy.

5. Flirt! Nothing says “I feel sexy” like an unapologetic flirt. You shouldn’t flirt with every single person you meet — just that one person who really does it for you. When you flirt with someone you’re essentially broadcasting your availability and sex appeal. Flirting makes you feel and look confident and, again, what’s sexier than confidence? Undress hot people with your eyes or otherwise imagine all the sexy things you’d like to do with them. The sentiment will register across your whole body.

6. Make The First Move. The only thing that gets in the way of you having some sexy times with a person you really like is that both of you really want each other but neither of you has made a move. You’re both too scared, you both feel unsexy, you can’t tell if s/he is into you and — omg — what would happen if you got rejected? If you get rejected then you get rejected. But you’ll never know if you don’t try! Don’t be the person who talks about having a crush but is too afraid to make a move on them because you don’t feel sexy or think you’re not their type.

7. Smile More. A smile is worth a thousand words. When you smile your face opens up, and you’re better able to show that you’re a fun person who is probably even more fun in bed. Smile, and let your personality do the talking.

8. Ditch The Undergarments. There’s something immediately appealing when you’re the only one in on the fact that you’re not wearing any underwear. I sometimes don’t wear panties and am the only one who knows, and when I’ve been in relationships with guys in the past I’ve texted them, “Hey how are you? I’m not wearing any panties.” which always seems to make them sexy, and now we’re both in on the secret. It works the other way around, too. If I know my man isn’t wearing any underwear I will try to give him a public boner. Makes us both feel sexy and a little bit dirty.

9. Listen To Your Favorite Sex Songs. Personally my current favorite is Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love.” The point of sex songs is that they elevate your senses and are the extra boost you need to make you feel sexy. Try listening to some of your favorite sex songs during the day, or right before a hot date, and see how they alter your mood.

10. Work A Smokey Eye — During The Day. Nothing says smoldering seductress like a smokey eye.

11. Most Importantly, Know You’re Sexy. You’re a sexy beast. Know it. Tell yourself every day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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