25 Signs You’re Mentally Checking Out Of Your Relationship

1. You’re already scouting other “options” — perhaps even laying some groundwork through text.

2. You continue to harp on the fact that you’re missing out on things your relationship has prevented you from experiencing (like mindless Tinder swiping, or consistent late night pizza adventures) and have convinced yourself that these are things that you really would’ve enjoyed.

3. You can go entire dinners without saying anything to each other, and it’s beginning to get awkward.

4. Your respective interests are diverging rather than converging.

5. When something funny happens to you on the way to work, you tell a co-worker or friend about it instead of your significant other.

6. Sometimes, you genuinely dread sex.

7. Other times, you find yourself going through the motions.

8. And the times that it’s fulfilling, you find yourself getting uncharacteristically aggressive; either channeling your frustration, or fantasizing about someone else.

9. You’re texting less frequently, because you genuinely forget to text them during the day, and/or the thought doesn’t really cross your mind.

10. You’re no longer constantly thinking of cool dates to go on, or little ways to surprise them unexpectedly.

11. You’ve started going to the gym more, because you love the flirty vibes you’re getting all around. It’s good practice.

12. You’re starting to plan when on the calendar would be the most opportune time for a breakup.

13. You find yourself constantly reminiscing of the “chase” stages of your past relationships and hookups. It’s a feeling you haven’t had in so long…

14. You stop telling them jokes, because they no longer find you funny.

15. You’ve really found yourself enjoying your nights alone. It’s like a whole new you that you forgot existed.

16. You’ve stopped bringing up talk of the future, or it’s understood that things might get weird if you do.

17. You’ve stopped arguing, simply because you’ve decided that getting into a huge fight isn’t worth the hassle.

18. But at the same time, you’ve found yourself getting increasingly pissed off at little, inconsequential things they do; the way you feel when you’ve started to live with a bad roommate for too long.

19. You’ve started to keep things from them not because they’re harmful or salacious; just because you want something that you can have for yourself.

20. You’ve started to view their shortcomings more as actual shortcomings than awesome things that made you fall for them.

21. If you’re thinking about moving to a different city, the relationship is not a priority.

22. When you’re thinking about vacations or weekend getaways, you’re thinking about your friends rather than a significant other.

23. When at your favorite restaurant, you’ve wondered more than once whether or not you’d be able to go on future dates here with future boyfriends/girlfriends.

24. You could honestly admit that the best part of your relationship isn’t the fact that your in love, or that you actually are thinking about a real future with this person; it’s that you don’t feel the pressure of being at a bar on a weekend night.

25. You recently watched Lost In Translation. It really stuck. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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