8 Definitive Signs That Someone Genuinely Cares About You

1. They are in tune with your mood and behavioral fluctuations.

They can tell when something’s going on with you without you even having to say anything about it.

2. They take care of you, even in the smallest ways.

They are always buying you food or drink and know your favorites without having to ask. They are always picking lint off of your clothes or fixing your hair for you. They just try to help you look and feel your best and do whatever they can to help you achieve that.

3. They give you space when you need it.

Whether they be a friend or a romantic partner, they respect your need for space as you figure yourself out or handle situations in life, and they don’t take it personally during these periods when you need to be left alone.

4. They show their love for you without ever having to say it.

Their actions share their heart’s truest intentions, and you know you are loved by them long before the words ever leave their lips.

5. They forgive you.

They don’t leave after the first argument or discomfort that manifests within the dynamics of your platonic or romantic relationship. That’s not to say that genuine love or concern is to be measured by how much of your toxic behavior they are willing to endure, only that you are human, and they won’t abandon you at the first bump in the road.

6. They will defend you behind your back.

Whether you are not on speaking terms or you simply are not present, a person who genuinely cares about you will remain loyal and protective of your reputation even when you are not there to witness it. They care more about you than they care about you knowing that they did a good deed in your honor. Their actions are pure, rather than an attempt to receive praise and gratitude from you.

7. They remember the important dates in your life.

Whether it be your birthday, the death anniversary of a friend, or any day that triggers emotions and holds special significance to you, they will remember.

8. They will provide you with closure.

If the day comes when you must part ways or they feel the need to remove you from their life, they will attempt to be as courteous about it as they can. They will say goodbye. They will honor your friendship or relationship enough to give you a reason why they are leaving. They will never ghost you or leave you wondering what you did wrong. They will tell you so you can work on yourself in those areas and prevent future occurrences of ever losing someone in that same way again. Or they will tell you that they have become toxic to you and your life and do not wish to further tarnish it. Either way, they will explain themselves and provide you with closure before they go.

I’m trying.

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