11 Things That Happen When You Love A Boy With All Of Your Heart

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Like Crazy / Amazon.com

1. There are times when you look at him and you want to wrap your arms around him and squeeze him like an anaconda. It feels like it’s your 10th birthday again, when you got a tiny, little hamster and were able to hold it for the first time. (R.I.P JoJo…death not by squeeze). But while both are extremely cute, one is a little less delicate. Handle with care.

2. You want to kiss him all the time, even when it’s completely inappropriate; don’t do that. Hold back, people, hold back. You might find yourself trying to kiss him when he’s asleep; just surrender. It’s very challenging to kiss a sleeping boy without being creepy or annoying, so go for the shake instead of the kiss and you’ll be good.

3. You start relying on him for pretty much everything. Turning less to your mom for your problems and more to your boyfriend, your mom begins to wonder when your life became so squeaky clean. The second your head hits his chest after a bad day, massive tears fall down your face. Still, you’ve come to the right place. Perks include: one complimentary head scratch, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a free glass of wine…or six.

4. Your heart races for him when he is happy and drops for him when he is hurt. To anyone with ill intentions: Don’t use this against me.

5. Making his life easier makes your life happier. Making up his bed is so much more fun than making up your own and cooking for two is always better than one. That being said, this feeling only arrives once you’re secure that he’s thankful and willing to help.

6. You want to relive the best moments and revisit your favorite places with him right by your side. It seems unfair he wasn’t there — on your various trips around the country or around the world — and it’s so hard to wait for the day you can finally visit that special foreign town together. Florence, Italy: I’m talking to you.

7. You have fun with him anywhere, anytime. I mean seriously, from Jason’s Deli to taking walks around your apartment complex, it’s all a good time. In fact the best time you’ve had in the past year was eating s’mores with him sitting on your kitchen counter, wiping chocolate off of each others’ faces. What has happened to me?!

8. You mess with his hair more than you curl, straighten or tease your own. Beware: he can typically only withstand a head scratch. Anything else, and he’s not amused.

9. You want to know the people he loves and you hope more than anything that they trust you love him. Because for you, looking across the room to see him bonding with a close friend or family, is the prettiest picture in the world.

10. Men’s products can now be found in your drug store basket. The smell of Old Spice cans abound; you’ve begun to buy his staple items and end up walking out of CVS high off of Sam’s Club. You also use his existing cologne as a multi-purpose room spray, pillow spray, sweatshirt spray and body spray. Sorry; if you’re reading this, I owe you some cologne.

11. And finally, you have a very hard time limiting “10 Things That Happen When You Love A Boy With All Of Your Heart” to just “10 things.” Told you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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