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Who I Want To Be

I want to be a person who forgives – who looks at the reasons why she hurts and lets them go because there is only so much we should carry every day.

Stop Waiting For A Safety Net To Go After Your Dreams

We are really, really good at convincing ourselves that it’s not the right time. We are also really good at convincing ourselves that someday will be the right time. We wait for the weekend, for a raise, for things to fall into our laps. We think there will come a day when we’re 100% ready, when it’s comfortable, and when it is “right”.

The Places You’ll Meet Yourself In Life

Being alone in the unknown is never comfortable, and discomfort does things to us that ease and routine cannot. It pushes our buttons, forces us to confront ugly things we’d rather ignore, and teaches us about beauty and truth.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Travel

It is easy to glorify travel and adventure, but it’s not really fair to those experiences to end it at just that. In life and in travel, the times that challenged you are the same experiences that helped you grow – the ones that helped you move on into your next stage with as much grace as possible.