We Could Have Been So Good For Each Other

istockphoto.com / AleksandarNakic
istockphoto.com / AleksandarNakic

To fall sleep and have his face be the last thing I see was one of life’s simplest and greatest joys. But eventually I woke up from the beautiful dream I thought we shared.

He packed up his bags and left. It had started out so exciting and exhilarating. One look at his face and I thought, “Damn. If only I’d be so lucky.” It turns out we both clicked that heart button that meant we both liked each other. So then out of the blue I mustered the courage to send a message and one thing led to another. We finally met up for coffee for the first time. The day was bright and beautiful. The conversation was easy and filled with exciting stories of where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing as if we were just two friends catching up.

The first time I saw you flip your long hair, I was head over heels for you right at that moment. I was a sucker for your gorgeous hair, your big blue eyes, the simplicity of the way you dressed and the way you angled your arm when you checked the time. But it was never your physicality that I liked the most, it was your personality that felt so compatible and perfect right next to mine.

Time and again I have failed to find someone who compliments my quirky habits, my insane ideas, my love for food, my eagerness for exploring new things, my desire for movie and cuddle nights, my genuine concern over social issues. But with you, I felt the right fit. You were someone who I could imagine having long, deep, and meaningful conversations with. And we did. We shared stories from our pasts; stories of vulnerability, hurt, love, and even the funny and embarrassing ones. You were so intriguing and captivating. We went on some adventures and ate good food. I saw a relationship that would never get boring.  Everything felt so easy, so fun, and so right. To me you were my ideal guy. Unfortunately, we crashed and burned. I wasn’t the one for you, because it turns out someone was already in your heart. I was too late and the timing not in my favor.

We could have been great together, you know. But you know what else? That’s okay. You know when they say that some relationships are just meant to teach us a lesson? Maybe we’re one of those. What did I learn from this? Or am I just still hoping you’ll come back to me? I don’t know. But here’s the thing about relationships that could have been amazing but never got the chance to fully run their course: they give you the sneak peek of what it could be like with “the one.” You were so close to the perfect relationship but yet again, you weren’t with the right person. If it could be this good with the wrong one, what more could it be, with the right one? So right now, I’ll just keep my chin up, walk confidently in these high heels, and keep on walking with all the beauty and uniqueness I have in me and someday, I may just bump into the right one. But this time, the “we could have been great together” will turn into “we are so great together.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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