10 Things A Modern Guy Does That Make Him A Straight-Up ‘Fairytale’ Boyfriend


1. He turns his phone off when you’re eating a meal together. He doesn’t want to be distracted, he wants to be present and enjoy his time being with you.

2. He works really hard to make a great first impression when he meets your parents. He asks questions and tries to get to know them and makes sure to show off a tiny bit. He doesn’t take a passive approach here, he knows how important it is to connect to people who are important to you.

3. He comes to the door to get you. He knows it’s a sweet gesture that’s completely lost in the era of just texting ‘here’.

4. He calls you beautiful. Out loud, with words. I’m not sure when it became cool to be so passive or “play it cool” well into the relationship but there’s a lot of freedom in the old-timey approach of just stating your feelings plainly. It feels good for both people.

5. He brings you coffee in bed. Every morning my dad insists on bringing my mom coffee and the newspaper in bed so she can wake up slowly and ease into the day. She similarly dotes on him in other ways. It doesn’t matter what it is specifically, it matters that there’s some kind of ritual involved in your daily life that’s just about pampering each other.

6. He plans date nights that aren’t Netflix. It only takes a little effort to create nights you’ll always remember.

7. He writes you love notes. Even if he uses a super modern means to send it like a text message or email. The point is that he takes the time to think about how he feels, and expresses it to you in a means you can treasure forever.

8. He doesn’t always have the TV on in the background. He’s the kind of person who’s still capable of mono-tasking. He doesn’t need to be constantly distracted in order to function.

9. He opens doors for you. It’s a polite little way of showing that he’s paying attention to you, not starring at his phone the whole time you’re together.

10. He sends you songs that make him think about you. It’s such an easy way to deepen your relationship. You don’t have to write or perform the song, you just have to send the Spotify link. Of all the ways technology makes relationships harder, this is one little way it makes them easier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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