7 ‘Man Problems’ That Women Are Lucky To Never Have To Deal With

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz

1. Urinals

I never even think twice about the difference in the men’s bathroom to the women’s bathroom. It only comes as a surprise when I am stuck with the only choice of going to a men’s bathroom because the women’s bathroom is full or occupied. Then I wonder, “Oh yea men don’t pee the same way.”

But often, as a good surprise, usually most public men’s bathrooms only have a toilet. Urinals are so foreign, I don’t even understand how they work or why men use them, but if it helps them from peeing on the floor, well I wish there was one in my bathroom. I live with two men and it is not fun cleaning pee, or almost walking on pee when using the toilet.

2. Football

Sadly, I never had to worry about being in the football team in high school, because there never was a team for girls to begin with. I always wondered why there isn’t a football team for women nationally. Why is it only a male dominant sport? If any girl ever wanted to play all she would have is a bunch oversized muscular giant men to play with or against, that is not a fair football game.

I actually just read a little bit about football and taught myself about the game only because of my male friends that are always so enthusiastic about sports. I have watched football once or twice on television. But I wish there was a way for women to be more involved in this sport, because I am sure women are interested in football, it’s not just a man’s game.

3. Beards

I never have to worry about shaving my face or having hair just hanging around my cheeks and lips. I do get some facial hair sometimes; I remove it all the time. But it’s much much much less as compared to a beard. I do sometimes wish I had a beard, especially in the winter it would come in handy to keep my face warm. But I guess I can always use my hair from my head.

4. Boners

As funny as this is, but it is true, girls will never have to worry about getting a boner. In some ways a woman can relate, when a woman’s nipples get hard sometimes even after wearing a bar, they can pierce through. It may be showing from the blouse and I won’t even know it. It can happen for no reason and is just as embarrassing. It is even more embarrassing when men need a boner for making love and other activities and cannot get one from unknown reasons.

5. Masculinity

Women will never have to worry about being “strong enough” for their spouses, siblings, children, or male friends. It is the men that have to deal with the pressure of being stronger, faster, taller, and braver than women.

He should know about cars, drink beer, eat steak, be able to carry heavy things, and be all manly. Women can definitely be all this and more, but it’s more naturally intended and expected from factual science that men are biologically stronger… which only makes it worse.

6. Emotions

Women can cry all they want and nobody ever questions it. For men, crying is considered as weak. Imagine living your whole life not being able to cry? And when you do it has to be a super big reason, like someone dying.

Crying is supposed to help release toxins in the body that are caused by stress. It’s not just an emotional act, it’s also a physical act triggered by emotions. I do wish men would cry more because to me it is beautiful. It only makes a man become more human and real. I have seen very few men cry in my life. All I want to do is give a hug and wipe a tear. If anyone ever tells you to be a man or stop being weak, they are the reason for stereotyping crying as a weak act. Every human should have the right to express this feeling and act to the fullest.

7. Romance

When it comes to winning hearts it’s usually a man chasing after a woman. I have never seen a woman buy a man flowers, unless for congratulating on an achievement. The only other times men get flowers is at their funerals. I have always seen men buying flowers for women on any holiday.

Men propose to women, men get the rings; they have to impress the woman. However, women do chase and propose too now, but it’s always expected naturally for men to do all this. I always try to open door for my guy friends and relatives, but it is a rare chance that I get. More often my guy friends or coworkers will make sure to get to the door first to hold it open for me. They will literally run to the door. I feel so weird and honored and awkward, it’s just something they do. I have never understood why or what it means. I will always feel weird, unlike some women that expect to be treated this way.

I don’t expect anyone to do anything just because I’m a woman. The only thing I wish could happen more is men offering their seats in buses or other public transportation. That type of chivalry has definitely died down. Only two incidents in my entire bus riding experience (almost 8 years of bus riding) two men offered their seat. I still remember their faces.

I also think why should anyone offer their seat to me, I’m a grown healthy woman. So, many times I don’t care much, but it is a rare and really kind gesture. I do believe more of the expectations for what men should do will slowly also become extinct, and hopefully over time we can see men for just as human and real as us women. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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