Several Instagram Stars Were Killed In A Private Plane Crash

Mariah Sunshine Coogan

It’s easy to look at the feed of Instagram famous people and think that nothing bad has ever (or will ever) happen to them. I guess that’s why it’s so shocking when something tragic happens. Six friends were killed when their private plane crashed earlier this week. Aboard the plane were:

Babe Cave ft. Miss Wiggins

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Mariah Sunshine Coogan (23)
Anand Patel (26)
Helena Lagos (22)
James Pedroza (28)
Erik Valente (26)
Iris Rodriguez Garcia (23)

First cross country! Lake Tahoe for some snowboarding with @tatted4lyf #AV8

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You can see Instagram stories from the trip on Facebook:

The plane crashed just 15 minutes after takeoff. The group was headed to Las Vegas. It just seems like the type of situation where nothing should go wrong.

An investigation is beginning as to what caused the crash. TC mark

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