The Creepiest Show Of All Time Is Now Streaming Free On YouTube

Unsolved Mysteries

After years of episodes of Unsolved Mysteries being totally wiped from the internet (you could only watch the show by purchasing old VHS tapes from Amazon), FilmRise bought the rights to the show and released them through Amazon’s Prime streaming service. Now it’s even easier to watch the iconic show.

The production company has released the Dennis Farina episodes to YouTube, where they are streaming for free. This means you can watch classics such as:

Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ performance

The “Ice Woman”

and… The Burning Bed

The iconic Robert Stack episodes are unfortunately not on YouTube, but they are streaming for anyone with Amazon Prime on that service.

If that’s not enough for you, FilmRise is also streaming entire seasons of Forensic Files and Urban Legends, also on YouTube. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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