Someone Finally Wrote A Thriller Based On The Best Part Of Horror Movies


I recently heard that horror is the only genre of film where women appear as often and speak as often as men. This doesn’t come as any surprise to me, I’ve always admired how women in horror are allowed to kick ass. The genre churns out strong female leads and has mastered the art of having heroines save the day.

Like most people who grew up watching horror movies, I have always been obsessed with the final girl. I love watching girls who start out just like me learn how to be strong. I love watching them beat the bad men.

This summer finally gave us a book based on this concept. Final Girls is a fictional look at three “final girls” who have survived horror movie scenarios that played out in their “real” life: a sorority house massacre, a crazed killer on the loose near a remote cabin, and a maniac who attacks the guests of a seedy motel one by one. The plot is unique in that it takes place after all these women have moved on the best they can from their separate terrifying ordeals. Like an all stars returnee season of your favorite reality show, the trouble begins again when someone starts hunting them down.

Here’s a trailer:

You can read an interview with the author on Creepy Catalog here and order Final Girls here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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