The 18 Best 90s Pop Songs You Forgot Existed

Nine times out of ten, 90s throwback playlists tend to turn into more “Backstreet Boys/Britney Spears/Spice Girls Appreciation Hour” than anything else. And while I love me some “…Baby One More Time”, there’s way more to 90s bubblegum pop than “I Want It That Way”. Ergo, I give you the ultimate 90s guilty pleasure playlist: chock full of your favorite songs… that you completely forgot existed.

1. Girl on TV – LFO

If nothing else, the Lyte Funky Ones (less awkwardly known as “LFO”) are proof that songs can make absolutely zero sense and still be completely awesome. Because really, people don’t sing about the color purple, macaroni and cheese or Scooby Snacks often enough.

2. S Club Party – S Club 7

Seriously, the only way to start a party. But actually.

3. Crush – Jennifer Page

My personal favorite song from the Sabrina Goes to Rome soundtrack (yeah…that was a thing).

4. Crazy for this Girl – Evan & Jaron

Really, anything from the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack is a total gem.

5. Mirror, Mirror – M2M Probably one of the catchiest songs ever, I dare you not to hum this for the rest of the day.

6. Slam Dunk (Da Funk) – Five

Or, perhaps better known as, “That Song They Do That Weird Dance To In Smart House”. Five also poses us with some pretty deep questions here: Do you want to get down? Do you want to get funky?

7. All or Nothing – O-Town

This is, by far, my favorite song to belt out in the comfort of my own apartment #noshame.

8. I Just Can’t Help Myself – Nobody’s Angel

If you’re wondering why you remember this song, it’s probably because Nobody’s Angel was pretty hot on the 90s TV/movie circuit—before they fell off the face of the planet. Most notably, they performed this song on an episode of Boy Meets World and at a school dance in the movie Model Behavior.

9. How Do I Feel (The Burrito Song) – Hoku

I saw Hoku on the 2000 Kid’s Choice Awards and decided she was the coolest person ever. Don’t ask questions. Then again, anything subtitled “The Burrito Song” would have to be sung by an equally cool person.

10. He Loves U Not – Dream

Okay, so this one’s actually from 2001…

11. Nobody Wants To Be Lonely – Ricky Martin & Cristina Aguilera

This music video used to play ALL of the time on Disney Channel when it first came out…and I hated it. Now, I find it oddly delightful and brimming with nostalgia.

12. Still on Your Side – BBMak

While BBmak’s “Back Here” still tends to get its fair share of plays in dentist offices and Targets across America, “Still on Your Side” was the real winner in my book.

13. Can I Get Your Number (A Girl Like You) – No Authority

I take it back….THIS is the catchiest song ever. My deepest apologies.

14. C’est La Vie – Bewitched

Everything about this video is so 90s. And I love it.

15. Upside Down (Bouncing Off the Ceiling) – A*Teens

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be in a bad mood after jamming to a little A*Teens.

16. Smile – Vitamin C

I definitely bought Vitamin C’s cassette (yes, cassette) because her hair was awesome. Clearly, I have taste in music.

17. Here We Go – N*Sync

Yet another classic brought to you in Model Behavior…I guess that’s what happens when Justin Timberlake’s the star.

18. Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) – Aaron Carter

Because a party is not a party until somebody raps a little AC. It’s just not. TC Mark


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