You Should Love A Woman Who Travels

I have always found myself aching with wanderlust. When I have the opportunity to escape reality for any period of time, I take the chance without a second thought. Embarking on countless journeys has been cathartic and empowering for me, but what happens when someone falls for the traveling woman?

Most men find the wandering woman intimidating because of the lack of security that she can offer, the lack of routine and regimen can be unsettling, and the lack of comfort and knowing what she is thinking can be a foreign notion for the man who falls for her.

I travel on a whim to foreign cities and leave my mark while picking up others to save as keepsakes from my adventures. I save all of my plane tickets in a special box so I can refer back to the trips that I have taken when I am feeling down. I purposely make my Friday work schedule flexible in case something comes up and I am able to run away for the weekend to explore or visit an old friend. I have met countless people along the way of these most recent journeys who have told me their stories and shared their experiences in a way that allowed me to see the world from their eyes for that moment.

I often wonder how the man who falls for me will feel about my need to constantly escape.

The great thing about falling for the traveling girl is that no matter where she goes she will always come back home. She will put her headphones in on a long flight and maybe even think of you as she listens to her favorite songs, she will see little things on her journeys that will remind her of you and make her grin, she may even bring something back to share her world with you. Don’t be intimidated by the other men she may meet along the way, if her heart is with you it will remain. Let her go and don’t hold her back from the thing that she loves.

It doesn’t matter why she travels, whether it’s to escape, to forget, or to fulfill a need for adrenaline. Charles Dickens once said, “One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it’s left behind.” By the time she comes home, she will be ready to embrace the love that you are willing to give.

If you are lucky enough, she might even take you with her. You will learn to love her spontaneous and care free heart. If she doesn’t take you with her, accept it and let her live the life she loves while knowing that she will always come back home to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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