18 Ways Going To Catholic School Affects Girls Forever

1. You understand that you’re never quite as close to anybody as you are the other girls you met in Catholic school. No matter how much time passes, you meet up and it’s like you were never apart at all. This just doesn’t happen with other friendships. There’s some magic Catholic School Girl Glue over which our souls bond together, never ever ever to part.

2. You anticipate any opportunity to be able to tell people about what Catholic school was like (especially if you went to an all-girls’ school) and you get some weird joy out of seeing their faces when you say you prayed before each class began and wore the same loafers every day for three years.

3. You happily wear a sports bra any old day and don’t think anything of it because pssh, who’s looking? (Oh. Wait. People look now.)

4. Whenever anyone says that knee-high socks are coming back in style, you’re secretly gleeful.

5. The messy bun. Yeah. You know the one. You’ve got that down forever.

6. You catch yourself right before you do sort of gross and inappropriate things in front of complete strangers because for so long, you were so used to only being around other girls and who cared that you asked for a tampon out loud? (You mean your male coworkers don’t want to hear that?)

7. Any time someone suggests some sort of ‘company bonding’ endeavor, you are the one who is gung-ho on themes! and decorations! and creativity!, even if you’re normally the least artistic person you’e ever met. Someone says ‘team spirt’ and you develop a Martha Stewart-like high from construction paper.

8. You base your skirt purchases on whether you can successfully hide shorts underneath them or not.

9. You’re pretty sure you know more Atheists than Catholics.

10. You’re pretty sure you went to school with more Atheists than Catholics.

11. …. with the exception of the girls who only got increasingly more Catholic-schooled-out as time went on. They are now Theology teachers and youth group leaders. Most of their status updates are about retreats and they write long blogs on their interpretation of any given bible verse.

12. You have a knee-jerk reaction to make a quick sign of the cross on your forehead whenever you pass a church. Any church. It doesn’t even have to be a Catholic church.

13. You never quite shake off all the “Catholic guilt.”

14. You regularly dream about the days when you didn’t have to think about what to wear in the morning.

15.  You’re really glad collared shirts under sweaters are back in style. You’ve been rocking it since day one:

^ Brianna Wiest

16. You carried your excessive amounts of school pride to college (and then somehow it transmuted into pride for your workplace) but no matter how many other colors you wear throughout the years, you’re always a little partial to the teams you started on (literally and metaphorically).

17. You know there are no sports teams that have stronger bonds than those of Catholic school girls.

18. You feel like anybody else who also went to Catholic school is instantly a kindred spirit. Like, yeah girl, I know. I. know Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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