6 Things You Should Know About Girls With Tattoos

1. Asking us what they mean is a great way to get to know us — but it’s probably best to make sure we’re already a little comfortable with you before asking us to spill the beans. Tattoos are personal things, and each holds a different meaning to the person whose skin it’s on. We’re happy to tell you what exactly each thing means to us — and trust me, even the smallest and seemingly pointless tattoos are often riddled with meaning — but to ask because you feel it’s your right is a step too far. If it’s deeply personal, we don’t have to tell you. Please respect that.

2. Just because we have a few in the spots you think are wild and crazy doesn’t mean we’re wild and crazy. Tramp stamps, hipbones, rib ink — whatever trend you think says something about us, probably really only means one thing: we liked the way it looked when it was placed there. Saying a girl with a tattoo is a tramp is like saying that every apple is mealy just because you accidentally ate one gross one once.

3. We personally don’t care if you think tattoos make girls look cheap. Go find one of the girls without tattoos if that’s your preference. There’s plenty of them out there. We didn’t get the ink for you, and we won’t get it lasered off for you, either.

4. We’re still going to be professional as all hell at work. Regardless of whether we’re in a blazer and #powerheels or a sundress and a cardigan, chances are good that we’re not going to slack just because you think we look a little “unprofessional” with how we’ve chosen to accessorize or bodies. Sure, some jobs require that we cover them up — and we get and respect that, and will do so accordingly. But working environments are growing exceedingly progressive, and just because it makes you uncomfortable that your cubiclemate has a bird on her ankle doesn’t mean she’s bad at her job.

5. It’s really not important what our parents or significant others think of them. After all, it’s not on their bodies. It’s on ours. So really, what anyone thinks of them isn’t on our radar. If they make us happy, they make us happy. That’s all we care to think of them.

6. Yes, we’re aware that some of them will show when we’re wearing wedding dresses. 1) Showing them off is sometimes the point, and 2) sometimes women don’t want to look prim and pristine on a wedding day, let alone have one to begin with. If we decide to get married, we’re going to look gorgeous regardless. Worry about the ink later. Just come celebrate with us — I can guarantee you we know how to throw a good party. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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