6 Brutal Female Murderers In The US You Never Knew About Until Now

6. Georgia Tann

Find A Grave
Find A Grave

Georgia Tann operated the Tennessee Children’s Home Society in the 1920s, but kidnapped babies and sold them on the black market from her home. Many children in her care died from abuse, and it is estimated almost fifty children died from starvation alone. Meanwhile, she made millions stealing children and selling them off and bribing law enforcement and judges. When adopted parents confronted Tann on inaccuracies on their child’s forms, many of which Tann falsified, TAnn threatened to take their children away from them.

She pretended to be a nurse by paying nurses off, and often took away newborns from unwed mothers, claiming they needed medical care. When the mothers asked what happened to their children, Tann said they were stillborn. Tann also stole children off the street or sold children without conducting proper background checks on homes. Her neglect made children go into the hands of pedophiles or abusive families. Sometimes, they were even sold for labor.

In public, she pretended to be a child advocate and often spoke on child abuse and corruption. Tann died of cancer in 1950. Unfortunately, her illegal business was only found after her death. TC mark



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