20 Reminders Anyone Who Is Doubting Their Relationship Needs To Hear Right Now

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1. You are a queen. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

2. You deserve an amazing guy who texts you back and never lets you go to sleep with a heavy heart. You deserve to be treated right.

3. You have lived more than a decade without him; you can walk away from the relationship if it just constantly drains you and makes you question everything.

4. It’s his job to make the effort of going after you. You have always been someone who loves intensely and you just need to stop giving parts of yourself to someone you don’t even know is the right person for you. If they’re the right person for you, it should never drain you this much and you shouldn’t have to doubt their intentions for you.

5. He should make you feel wanted every day, not just when it’s convenient for him.

6. If he says he’s too busy to text or call you, believe him. It just comes down to the fact that you’re not first on his priority list.

7. You are a strong woman and you should never have to feel the need to chase him to have his attention.

8. If his phone is more important than you, leave him. You don’t deserve someone who spends more time on their phone than with you.

9. Put your phone down for an entire day. Blast 1989 in the speakers and dance to it. Have a coffee date with friends you haven’t seen for months. LIVE YOUR LIFE AND LOVE YOURSELF, DARLING. YOU DESERVE IT.

10. Stop holding on to the fact that he’s going to change. People can’t change that easily when they don’t see an issue in their actions. If he’s selfish now, he’ll still be selfish 10 years later. If he has a bad temper now, you can’t ever change that. If he can’t text you back, he’s never going to change. At some point, you just have to accept it and find someone better for you- someone you don’t have the need to change.

11. If you have to force a relationship, it isn’t real. If you have to force yourself to be okay with things you really aren’t, let it go. If you have to force yourself to believe you’re happy, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

12. If 10 years later and he’s still the same person that he is now, would you still be happy?

13. If you can’t be proud of the man that he is now, then why are you still with him? I’m not saying people can’t change, but darling, it isn’t your job to fix him.

14. Be with someone that doesn’t only turn you on physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. You know that connection and amazing feeling you get when having an intellectual conversation with your best friend? You should get a similar feeling with him. That’s why they always say marry your best friend.

15. Be in love with being alive. Find passion in life itself. Be addicted to being a better version of yourself every day and knowing that you can always start over if you’re not proud of the life you’re living.

16. Don’t let your generosity and selflessness be taken advantage of.

17. Don’t ever let yourself settle for less than you deserve. You are worth being fought for. You are worth being texted back. You are worth going after, even if they only get to see you for 3 hours. You are worth giving flowers to for no apparent reason. You are worth being happy. You are worth loving in the best way possible and not in the way that makes you question their intentions for you.

18. He isn’t and never was your other half; stop thinking that he completes you because you were already whole before he ever came into the picture.

19. There is more to life than falling in love and you can also find your soulmate in a best friend or in a stranger; love and the idea of soulmates aren’t restricted to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

20. I can’t stress this enough, but the most important relationship you will ever invest in is the one you have with yourself. TC mark

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