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You Won’t Believe Me, But I Met ‘Death’ Two Weeks Ago

Be careful what you wish for, especially when the Grim Reaper is around.
Flickr / Mai
Flickr / Mai

My brother has been dead for a year now. The toll his death has taken on me is immeasurable. I am not even the same person I was before he passed.

It was only a month before I graduated high school. What kind of 13-year-old contemplates suicide? Well, I’m not one to talk…I’ve been in that position and I know how tempting it is, but I couldn’t go through with it.


No warning signs, no note, I am supposed to live my whole life not knowing exactly why my brother died. Around a month ago, I couldn’t take it anymore. I spent many nights sitting in the tub shaking a bottle of pills thinking to myself, “Why not?” But after seeing what it did to my mother, I couldn’t.

But I grew angrier and angrier. I DESERVE to have my brother back right? So even though I’m not a spiritual man, I started to look for ways to get him back. I didn’t even care if the idea was so far-fetched that it would even seem cheesy in a movie! I needed to see him.

After a week-and-a-half of searching, I found an old “spell book” from the Middle Ages. One of the spells was supposed to give you a chance to speak with Death for 10 minutes. Not a grim reaper, but a manifestation of death. Not even the disturbing requirements would stop me:

  • A recently deceased’s hand
  • A pint of deer blood
  • A cat’s tongue.


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