11 Reasons Why Women Don’t Get Along With Other Women

I am sure there are times when you don’t happen to like another fellow girl friend of yours for no particular reason. Or as you grow up you realize that friendship with girls might be fun and involve those shopping sprees and parties ,but you often feel judged or at constant battle with each other. Girls make good friends but they have clear cut boundaries and dual dealings. This article is a sane take on the way girls are cut to be the way are, not like the presence of female company around them,

I grew up surrounded by lots of friends but a huge group of them comprised of the guys. Not that I was a tomboy or something, I naturally jelled more with the boy gang. With them around, I never had to bother about my plaits being in place, my frocks neat or mind my playthings. They were easy, not pretentious and not bitchy. As I grew up, I realized things hadn’t changed much. In fact the camaraderie I share with the guys was simple and hassle-free. Sometimes they treat you as one of them, but surprisingly you feel comfortable in your own skin with them around.

Out of the blue, one fine day I suddenly wondered why I hung out more with the guys. Then I got my answer. Except the few close ones, girls didn’t maybe like me that much and the feeling was mutual. Set me thinking to one of life’s most common yet unanswered questions, Why don’t girls don’t get along with the other girls? Of course we have our most of our BFFs as girls only, but like generally in our hearts of hearts we just can’t appreciate another female friendly species?

If bro-mance rules so should sis-mance?

1. They get threatened:

One of the reasons girls don’t adore each other is because they get threatened by each other. One who visits her husband’s boss for dinner sees how well his wife cooks; the other gets threatened by the boyfriend’s best friend whom he spends a lot of time with. Others just get threatened by the way her friend shares a great rapport with her dad and she doesn’t. So she doesn’t like the women that she feels threatened by.

2. They get all green-eyed.

”Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive.” Havelock Ellis

Women are those green eyed monsters that are born that way. They can’t help getting all worked up if your house is cleaner than theirs or your waist line smaller than theirs. So simple you got something that makes them think of the J word.

3. They can’t tolerate why all guys like you.

You may be one of the guys. You may be the super-feminine type or may be the head girl. If you are always seen with the guys, they can’t seem to like you. You will be that bitch who always hangs out with the guys in her sweatpants or entice them with your girly woes.

4. They want to be what they can’t be.

You are the cheerleader while they can’t even do a simple leg movement. You excel at debates and they can’t talk to a bunch of people. You fit lovely into that slender black dress while they would never have dreamt of it. Sadly, girls never value what they already have and are too busy trying to be someone else.

5. They love to hate you.

They might not even know you, but if you are new at school, or work, they are absolutely judgmental about anyone that they don’t know especially in a negative sort of way. That’s the thing they love, to hate the other girls that are not one of them.

6. They are used to being the center of attraction.

As women we can’t share our moment of glory. We are used to be the centre stage and once we have somebody stealing the show, we hate them immediately. Might be a beautiful girl has joined the new term, gym or just a stranger walking on the street. If heads turn in that direction, they will surely be hated no matter what.

7. They can’t stand candidness.

There might be someone who may not be sweet-tongued like the way girls usually are. Someone who is too in-the-face for a girl. Girls usually like sugar coating their talk so if you can’t seem do that, chances are there they would not like you.

8. They are always in competitive mode.

From comparing to the prices of the dresses you got last week to who has the redder apples or better curtains in the house, girls are born to compete with each other. Even for trivial things that you are an ounce better, they would not like you.

9. They are always self-conscious.

Women, unlike men, are self-conscious about everything that they have. From the money they are making, to the brands they are wearing, to the way they look while they work out, they are at constant war with their inner self. Some use this to get better each day while others compare this self consciousness with the way how other girls are putting up, only to hate them even more.

10. They are addicted to gossiping.

A new girl at work, a new neighbor, or just a hot girl you saw at the movies with your so-called friend, women and gossip have an everlasting bond. Women love gossiping about other women, about their clothes, makeup, walking style, lame boyfriends, or unnecessary tantrums.

11. They are made to believe all their life, to protect what’s theirs.

The way a woman looks at your man in a party, the way your friends talk about your boyfriend, women know what belongs to them is theirs. Period. Any fear on encroachment by another in her territory would be met with resentment and hatred.

Lastly, women make wonderful lovers, wives, friends, mothers, daughters and companions. But the kind of stuff she has seen while growing up might not have been exactly great. Except her mother most women in her life, her aunts, cousins, sisters, classmates had always been judgmental to the way she talks, dresses or looks. It’s sometimes not the boys but the other women in our lives to an extent are responsible for our conditioning. The rest, they say, is genes; women may like other women but never be too fond of them, they are made that way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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