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Gratitude. Soul listening. Love. = My kind of writing.

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Dhiya Ramkolowan

Don’t Forget To Breathe

To think that we need to be reminded of the importance of breathing should be scary enough, but maybe it’s also because we take for granted all the benefits it presents us with.

It’s Time To Stop Resisting Change

The real way to feel safe is to not resist change and to not fight it. It’s to take the time in the course of change to learn what you want and to make the choices towards that wanting.

Understanding The Past One Page At A Time

The atrocities my elders went through are things that still haunt them. I know this because it took decades for my parents or uncles to share stories with me, and to this day, there are some books they still will not read, the pain still too fresh.

The Unedited Truth About Toxic Friendships

I had a really toxic friendship once. And I’m finally at a place in my life that allows me to look back and see the lessons with no emotions attached, with no embarrassment, with no shame.