This Woman Is Having A Sexual Affair With Her Son, But He’s A 9-Year-Old. WTF?

This woman, Lisa Wiltson, is apparently having a sexual affair with her 9-year-old son. As per her Twitter:

It looks like she started on Twitter this year.

It only gets weird from there.

People clearly feel that this is messed up for two reasons. She is claiming that she is having sex with her son. And that he’s 9-years-old.

And Ms. Wiltson belives she looks like Beyonce.

(This is Beyonce, if you didn’t know.)

s_bukley /
s_bukley /

Apparently her son broke up with her, but in a matter of hours they’re back together because, y’know:

The Twitter feed is rife with racial slurs and some misspelled Tweets. I can’t tell if this is reality or fiction. That’s how blurred the lines have become in the age of social media. Remember Manti Te’o and catfishing? Everyone makes fun of him, but honestly, we’re all prone to something like this — like falling for fake Will Smith accounts. Has parody become so corrupt that we can’t tell if it’s parody or not? Isn’t knowing that the parody is a parody (the absurdity of parody) a parody? Maybe this is a parody, exemplifying how absurd life is and how many people will fall victim to this irreality.

I’ll leave you with this:

Although, not gonna lie, I think this is definitely a fake account. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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