19 Signs You’re An Extremely Lonely Person

Fight Club (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
Fight Club (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)

1. You enjoy being alone a little too much. Going to the movies solo every now and then isn’t bad but you shouldn’t be that into it.

2. To get some sort of conversation in your life you’ll walk around Target asking employees questions about products that you’ve got no intention of purchasing.

3. Many guys will watch porn to fulfill their sexual fantasies but for you only romantic comedies will do it.

4. You go to the bar not caring about hooking up but just being glad to be in the vicinity of some good looking people even if you know you won’t talk to them.

5. Instead of ordering delivery you will go out of your way to pick up your pizza to have some brief human interaction outside of your house.

6. It’s common place for you to have ongoing conversations with yourself.

7. Continuously stare at your text messages hoping that the harder you stare the more likely someone, anyone will send you a message.

8. You check out any half decent girl just hoping to make eye contact with as many of them as possible. It’s a numbers game after all.

9. You can talk yourself into the prospect of dating even monsters like Jan on The Office.

10. Food has turned into your best and most dependable friend.

11. You’re a man that’s considering getting a cat.

12. You relate to Edward Norton’s character in Fight Club. Maybe you even wouldn’t mind your own Brad Pitt subconscious ordering you around.

13. Sometimes you feel like Sandra Bullock in Gravity just floating around aimlessly.

14. You’’ll often go to your parent’s house just to hang out.

15. You’re always the only person in your bed and yet you only sleep on one side.

16. Will take any small gesture by a woman as a sign of interest such as the waitress writing a heart on your receipt.

17. Watch reruns of The Office to see Jim and Pam so you can feel the emotions of a real, beautiful relationship.

18. Don’t wear headphones at the gym. No reason to do this unless you’re desperately hoping someone starts a conversation with you.

19. Ask to borrow someone’s dog. You aren’t dog sitting but instead you asked a friend if you could have their dog stay with you for a night or two just because. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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