You Should Date A Theatre Girl

Date a theatre girl because she is strong. She is not afraid of taking risks or being rejected. Chances are, she’s stood in line with 15 other girls wearing almost identical dresses, while a casting director has walked up and down, saying “yes”, “no”, “yes”, etc. She’s been told “no” by directors more times than she can count, because she’s too young, or too old. Too pretty or not pretty enough. But “no” to her means “not today”, and she’ll try again tomorrow.

Date a theatre girl because she is patient. She has showed up at an open call before the rest of the city is awake, only to realize that she’s number 275 and probably won’t be seen for another six hours. But she brought crossword puzzles with her and she knows how to pass the time. She’s an expert at filling minutes while she waits.

Date a theatre girl because she lives for moments. An audition is usually never more than 60 seconds — 16 bars of a song or a one-minute monologue. This is a tiny fraction of your day, a minute quickly forgotten, but to her, it is everything. For this minuscule pause, she is playing a role, perhaps a dream role; she’s investing all of those hours spent waiting in the holding room, all of that energy, channeled towards this very instant in time.

Date a theatre girl because she is passionate. You’ll notice her eyes change when she talks about performing; they’ll get a shade darker and you’ll know it’s the only thing she believes she is meant to do. That passion is in everything, you’ll realize — the way she laughs at cat videos, how she takes her best friend’s phone calls at 2am, the way she’ll tell stories about the most mundane details of the day.

Date a theatre girl because she understands people; it’s part of her job. She’ll likely be the person everyone goes to for advice; she’ll take care of you if you let her. She knows that good people can do bad things. She forgives, even if she can’t forget. She’ll say all the right words to make you feel better about your flaws, if you choose to believe her.

Date a theatre girl because she isn’t afraid of being silly. She’ll sing along to the radio while driving and serenade other cars in 5pm traffic. She’ll text you pictures of herself making the ugliest faces imaginable because she knows it will make you laugh.

Date a theatre girl because she constantly searches for the extraordinary. She chooses to feel everything to extremes in order to remember it better. She may call it sense-memory, a term from her high school acting class, but it’s habitual now, it’s in her soul. She may cry easily, but if she lets you see it, it’s because she trusts you. Some might call her overdramatic, but she opens her heart to every emotion simply because she’s no longer afraid of it breaking. She knows that one can live with holes; not every void needs to be filled.

Date a theatre girl because she will settle for nothing less than thrilling. If you allow yourself to hold her hand, she’ll make sure your world is also splattered with neon colors. Before you know it, you may catch yourself falling in love with her, and if you do, tell her so. Chances are, she’s loved you from the start. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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