Don’t Make Her Wait Too Long

Drew Coffman

She knows the game you’re playing, but she pretends like she doesn’t.

You’d like to keep her around because you just need someone to inflate your ego.

She’s willing to do that not because she’s dumb and naive, but because she sees something good in you. She’s always hoping that you would be mature enough to see that too.

She wishes for you to heal from the pain you’ve been through.

She gives her brightest smile hoping it could heave you out of your dark past, at the cost of possibly breaking her own heart.

She is very much aware of the fact that once you get back on your feet, once you finally get your act together, there’s a huge possibility that she won’t be needed anymore.

She does not enjoy the pain and the mind games, but if it’s going to keep you sane, she’s all in.

She bets on nothing but your happiness. For your freedom, she’s willing to walk with a blindfold to a path where she knew you placed a trap.

I hope one day you realize what you’re doing to her.

I hope you’d be man enough to admit that you’re just using her to soothe your bruised ego. And by the time you realize what you’ve done, I hope that she’s still strong enough to force one more smile as she looks back at you.

I hope she’s not yet tired of the emotional roller coaster you’ve put her through.

If you ever realize that you need her in your life, if you ever realize that she’s the only one who’s willing to stick with you through hard times, I hope you would have the guts to let her know.

She may have been waiting for the day you’d appreciate her presence and patience. Do it as soon as you realize her worth because if you don’t if you are about a day, an hour or a minute late, you might regret it for the rest of your life.

A woman’s heart is willing to endure for a very long time, but at one point or another, it will get tired too.

So, if you don’t hold her hand, know that someone else would. If you keep pushing her away, someone else would embrace her. If you ignore her, someone else would try to win her attention. And if she finds comfort from someone else, once she gets the kind of attention she’s been longing from you, her mind will tell her the right thing to do.
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