86 Uncommon Synonyms For Chronically Overused Compliments

Compliments are always appreciated, but pretty words have diminishing returns when they’re overused. Here are 43 common compliments, each presented with two lesser-used alternatives. Go make someone’s day. You’re beau— I mean, you’re resplendent. Yeah, that sound’s right.

1. Amazing: Bewildering, Extraordinary

2. Incredible: Inconceivable, Remarkable

3. Hilarious Joyful, Lively

4. Beautiful: Heavenly, Irresistible

5. Cute: Endearing, Lovable

6. Nice: Considerate, Skilled

7. Pretty: Comely, Dreamy

8. Fun: A blast, Beguiling

9. Cool: Low-key, Superior

10. Sweet: Beloved, Caring

11. Funny: A riot, Animated

12. Hilarious: Vivacious, Effervescent

13. Gorgeous: Babely, Dumbin’

14. Hot: Stupefying, A Knockout

15. Stunning: Unreal, Dreamlike

16. Wonderful: Treasured, Fabulous

17. Favorite: Choice, Main

18. Best: Inimitable, Unparalleled

19. Friendly: Loyal, Tender

20. Classy: Chic, Stately

21. Good-looking: Winsome, A Looker

22. Handsome: Strapping, Dapper

23. Strong: Tenacious, Tough

24. Athletic: Powerful, Secure

25. Attractive: Lovely, Dazzling

26. Sexy: Fly, ____ as hell

27. Fine: Suave, Debonair

28. Smart: Bright, Perceptive

29. Witty: Keen, Sharp

30. Entertaining: Captivating, Enchanting

31. Priceless: Rare, Cherished

32. Clever: Quick, Savvy

33. Confident: Courageous, Emphatic

34. Hysterical: Impassioned, Red-hot

35. Talented: Imaginative, Cunning

36. Fascinating: Exhilarating, Arresting

37. Interesting: Enthralling, Magnetic

38. Charming: Delightful, Bewitching

39. Trustworthy: Veracious, Bona fide

40. Excellent: Phenomenal, Brilliant

41. Wonderful: Sensational, Tremendous

42. Great: Ace, Tops

43. Good: Dope, Real Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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