8 Weird Signs She Really, Really Likes You

The Office
The Office

1. She will not shut up.

Seriously. It’s like verbal diarrhea (which I suppose is the preferred version). If she’s been rambling for 10 minutes on that time she tried to take a short-cut to class, but it ended up being a much longer route and she was late and the professor gave her side-eye for the rest of the lecture — she is into you. And maybe should work on her story-telling. And her nervous motormouth is a side effect.

2. Or she is weirdly mute.

Which you find strange because she’s normally a chatty person. But around you, her lips are locked and she just stands there. This aloof attitude is really just her trying to get a grip on how much she likes you. And she’s afraid confessions will come spilling out of her mouth.

“Hey, how are you?”


3. She is a sudden expert in your favorite TV show.

You mention in passing you enjoy Dr. Who and she has magically seen…all the seasons. Or at the very least Wikipedia’d the HELL out of it and is prepared for the hardest test you can give her. It’s not that she’s trying to alter her likes to yours (because trust that gets old really quickly), she just wants to be in the know about stuff you care about.

4. She is sketchy about you looking at the photos on her phone.

Because she probably has one or two screenshots of photos you posted on various social media accounts. Likely to send to her BFF to say, “Look! LOOK!” But also to just have. Because she likes your face. And it’s a nice face. And she likes looking at your nice face, is that a crime?! So if she seems nervous about scrolling too far back in her photo stream, it’s because she can’t remember whether or not she deleted that pic of you snuggling the puppy.

5. She touches her face a lot.

We’re often unaware of our own body language with others. The face is a very vulnerable spot. I mean, it tells you just about everything. Eye contact. Mouths. The face is a gold mine for deciphering how she’s feeling. She might be tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, bringing a finger to her lips (not in an overtly sexual way, just touching it every now and then) — and these are all subconscious actions that indicate she’s attracted to you.

6. She smile texts you.

You might not be around to witness this. But if she’s got an enormous goofy grin plastered all over her face when she’s reading your messages? Oh man, she is stage 10 crushing. It’s super fun to look around and try to figure out who is texting a love/hopeful love all from those big ol’ happy faces.

7. She gets awkward when it’s time to say goodbye in large social gatherings.

If you’re dating, it’s easy-peasy. But if you’re in a weird pre-stage or she’s just straight fantasizing about a potential love match, being out and about with other people can throw her for a loop. One second she’s chill and it’s great, then everyone is saying goodbye, hugging, making plans, and does something she later regrets, like shaking your hand. SHE SHOOK YOUR HAND. Or just disappeared altogether and you got a text that said, “So sorry for ghosting! I had to run. But that was super fun :) ” — her anxiety took over and she was concerned the whole world would sense how massively smitten she is if you two had any physical interaction when saying goodbye.

8. That “…” typing stops, starts, stops when texting.

Okay, this only applies to those with iMessage so I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT INCLUDING DROIDS AND STUFF, but this happens. All. The. Time. She’s hoping you aren’t noticing that she has deleted, typed, deleted, re-typed the “hahah, yessss!” message she ultimately sends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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