21 Unusual Struggles Only True Free Spirits Will Understand

I feel like it’s become aesthetically cool to come off disheveled and flighty. In reality, that look or vibe is just the result of being a free spirit: someone who cares less about making plans and more about doing exactly what the moment moves them to do. We’re messy, but not dirty. Disheveled, but not unkempt. We’re forgetful with our own possessions and dates, but we would never forget your birthday or the exact location of our first kiss with any person. We’re kind of saps and we’re easily drawn into things, which makes for a life of tiny struggles in trying to keep it all together. Here are a few of the things that free spirits deal with way too often.

Almost Famous
Almost Famous

1. The never-ending search for your keys, wallet, and cell phone, which somehow always end up somewhere completely obvious, like under your comforter or at the bottom of your bag.

2. Having to have same conversation you feel like you have with every friend, every weekend, that basically consists of you trying to convince them to do something fun and outside of your usual routine, like trying a new bar or going to hang out with cool people you just met.

3. People telling you that your article of clothing is “so different!” in a tone that says “so not anything I would ever fucking wear!”

4. Being unusually attached to old possessions with no material value that you just can’t get rid of and drag to every new place you live in.

5. Wanting everyone to hang out in big groups and just get along so much that you forget about who dislikes who, which always pisses your friends off when it gets them into hot water.

6. Always being the one to initiate plans but never really caring what the destination is, so everyone ends up yelling at you to “just pick!”

7. Being so into giving sentimental gifts to someone that you’re always buying things whenever something reminds you of someone else, so you’re always hoarding gifts like a Grandma.

8. Never having a stock answer for “whats your favorite movie?” type questions because those things are always in flux for you and based on your current obsessions.

9. Being even worse than everyone else with binge watching, to the point that you just can’t wait for your significant other to watch the next episode in the series.

10. Seeing what other people see as ‘fights’ or ‘arguments’ as conversations, so you never think it’s going to escalate to that point until it suddenly does, and then you’re taken back by the fact someone else could be so mean over something so impermanent.

11. Always showing up late because you took the long route with the view, or walked because it was just a nice night, or drove around the block an extra time to listen to your favorite song.

12. Almost failing to complete a project because you got so wrapped up and interested in the research that you practically forgot what you were supposed to do in the first place.

13. Having that “what did I come in this room for again?” feeling at least once a day.

14. Having unsaved numbers in your phone for months because you got distracted, didn’t save it, and then just began to recognize that person based on the number and the context, so you didn’t see the point.

15. Reading a text, answering it in your head, and then never actually replying to it.

16. Thinking your friendly banter is just that, when everyone else takes it as a sign of your romantic interest in them, even though you just really like to go with conversations when you feel like they’re flowing.

17. Not getting why people talk shit about things like sex workers or other professions that are looked down on, because you could honestly care less as long as people are safe and doing what they want.

18. Desperately wanting every sleepover, platonic or not, to have that long talk that never ends where you try to say goodnight fifty times.

19. Being a terrible navigator while always trying to figure out how to get to some new place you really wanted to try.

20. Feeling like you fall in love with someone you see in class or on public transportation 1,000 times a day.

21. Being happy with where you are even though you know it’s not where you’re meant to be, and fearing that it will leave you stuck. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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