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20 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming The Person You’re Destined To Be

1. You can accept the truth behind your actions. You no longer try to justify your reasons for doing something because you think it will make you look better. Even if the decision ended up hurting someone else or not sitting well with someone, you own it because you realize that your choices don’t have to make sense to anyone else but you.

2. You recognize when you’re not feeling fulfilled and make a conscious decision to correct it, even if it means putting aside household chores or other obligations that normally stress you out when not taken care of. You realize that one of the best parts of life is spending time doing the things that bring you joy, so you pay attention to your needs now more than you ever did.

3. You prioritize your health because you realize that you’re not going to be on this planet forever.

4. You stop trying to rush through every idea you have to get to the end result. You realize that success is something that has to be built upon because you can’t just snap your fingers and have it. When you start a project, you take your time with it. You conduct research into how to be successful because you know it’ll pay off in the long run.

5. You started to realize that you’re actually in control of your life and how you spend your time — but it took you a long time to get to this realization. Chances are, you’re still struggling with fully remembering this when you’re sitting at a familial event you’d rather not be at or finding yourself getting burnt out at work, but at least you’ve become much more aware of it. You’re noticing this. You’re fixing this — both of which are great steps.

6. You don’t find as much drama or turmoil in your life as you did several months or even years ago. This is because you’ve started to distance yourself from toxic environments and relationships that don’t serve you positively. When you discard the hobbies and people that hold you back, you realize how much lighter and happier life can be. You want to do more of that.

7. You can tell the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. You’re not afraid to point out when someone has crossed a line with you or made you feel vulnerable and insecure. You’re past the point of being passive aggressive and hoping that someone else can discern how you feel.

8. You realize that life is better when you stop playing pretend. You no longer appreciate the advantages of being fake. You take pride in realizing how you want to spend your time and actually kind of love yourself for that because that is your power.

9. You try hard to not feel threatened by your co-workers’ successes because you’re only focused on how you can become better. You’re much more confident in your own abilities and the assets you bring to your company that you’re not immediately bothered when someone does something better than you. Who says it’s better, anyway? Just different.

10. You realize that treating yourself and actual, legitimate self-care are two completely different things. You realize that it wasn’t money, trips, or material items that made you feel better as much as it was addressing the truths you’ve been too embarrassed to admit and fix.

11. You’ve stopped asking outsiders for their opinion on areas of your life that doesn’t require them. You’ve instead replaced “What do you think?” with “Here’s what I’ve decided __.”

 12. You address the root cause of your anger and sadness rather than finding a quick answer and an even quicker fix.

13. You realize that a bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life. You understand that people say and do mean things because of their own troubled insecurities that they have failed to address, and while words and actions may sting, you know they don’t have to be an accurate reflection of who you are as a person.

14. You recognize when someone is just a fucking asshole.

15. You know when it’s time to click pause when you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed or when the creativity and productivity just doesn’t seem to be flowing. And you don’t feel like less of a person because you need a break.

16. You know what’s worth fighting for and know that any habit or person who doesn’t help elevate you to the next level is no longer worth holding onto.

17. You realize that people say a lot more by their actions (or lack thereof) than words ever could.

18. You don’t make excuses for people anymore. You realize that their choices are their own and they are formed by their own reasonings and experiences. You no longer try to convince people to like or understand you. That’s not your responsibility.

19. You give yourself a mental break by reminding yourself that it’s not wrong to have emotions. You stop trying to justify what you did or how you acted in times of tragedy.

20. You forgive yourself, especially when you can look at situations from a fresh perspective. Sometimes that takes time and what made sense back then, may not make sense now but that doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision at the time. You realize that you are not a sum of your mistakes.

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